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Food for thought ... Protest Car Rally through the Reefton and Black Spurs ..

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Kitt, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. As we have seen just in the last few weeks ,
    if they can't get you for speeding/hooning etc ,
    the police will ping you for after market accesories that are not ADR approved ...](*,)

    What if a group of motorcycle riders went to the dark side :twisted:
    and drove their cars wearing full motorcycle gear , including helmets ,
    up through the Reefton and Black Spurs a few times in the same day :)..

    cause for discussion

    Kitt an Bruce
  2. Not bad.
    What if they stopped in all the "tourist" spots and dropped a letter for the local council saying that until Vicpol settle down, this is the LAST time they will visit said areas.
  3. :-s

    What would happen if people just rode their bikes at the speed limit, stopped acting like d***heads and actually SHOWED the cops that motorcyclists aren't all idiots?

    If in doubt, check out the Melton and Western HWYs in morning rush hour and SEE why cops single us out.

    * ready and waiting for incoming abuse *
  4. I rode my bike on the weekend at the speed limit and look what it got me!!!!

    See 'What a difference a week makes' thread....

    Kitt, Im with you, count me in!!!!
  5. But was your bike 100% legal.

    If you'd riden legally and had a 100% legal bike they would've let you go.
  6. My bike passed its Roadworthy in the same condition its in now.

    As i rode legally and had a 100% legal bike, are you 100% they would have let me go??
    Hmmmm.......Big call!!!!
  7. Gilesy, get the cops name, REPORT them to OPI. If your bike IS 100% legal, then you should appeal and sort it out. Alot of people here like to complain about getting done for stuff, but never fight back using THE LAW. Ask Twisties. He fought a BS speeding fine with his GPS printout and won. So on that, i have faith in SOME form of legal justice.

    Im not getting involved in a p*ssing contest, but if you in the RIGHT, you are in the RIGHT and they havent got a legal leg to stand on. If you are serious, take the serious measure and follow through with the paperwork to back up your claim to innocence.

    I doubt that driving a car, and adding to your blind spots by wearing a motorcycle helmet INSIDE your car, therefore increasing danger to yourself and others, is going to solve anything except cause more trouble, and dangerous driving fines... There are other ways to open lines of communication than emotive and inflammatory reactions.
  8. BTW, i do NOT ride a 100% "legal" bike....:busting:
  9. Very well said!! =D>
    Writing something up as we speak
  10. A reclaim the spurs ride?

    Pick a Sunday, meet in Healesville and do a slow lap.

    100 bikes 10 meters apart covers a kilometre.
  11. someone would bring a caravan.
  12. Nothing. You are 12, yes?

    Riding a motorcycle is dangerous, you are a risk taker.

    Dressing up in fluoro and playing captain safety doesn't fool anybody. For every one of you safety weirdos there are ten of me. You are not the majority, you are truly the minority.
  13. Boy Racer, keep your personal attacks to yourself. Couldnt care less about being the minority or what you call me. I ride for the fun of it, not to jerk off all over other road users.

    You bite rather hard over a "discussion" this is NOT an arguement.
  14. This quote intrigues me as I commute on that stretch every single day and don't see anything more sinister than filtering on the Westgate FWY.
  15. *groan* any other takers? Free punching bag here!
  16. I tire of your kind.

    If you are going to bite, bite hard or not at all. If you dish it out, be prepared to cop a serve.

    The original poster suggested a response to over-zealous policing. You launched in condemning your fellow riders as the problem. That is an argument, not a discussion.

  17. Whatever mate.

    I am not argueing with anyone, BOY racer, i just do not agree that rallying is the answer. This is a free country and i, like you, have a right to free speech. *regrets if this shocks you*

    Obviously you are looking for a fight. Sorry. Not interested in what you have to say after your "ten of me" speech. Go tire somewhere else.
  18. Other than one short baiting sentence in his last line, point out what part of his post was false.

    I'll give you a chance on this one. What happens in morning rush hour?

    What is then? Standing separate and alone and hoping that the problem goes away?

    Given that you asked for it, why are you complaining? For the record, people responding to you isn't abuse, an argument isn't a fight, and discussion can be aggressive without being abusive. There was nothing overly abusive in the exchange of posts. From these few posts, you seem to have remarkably thin skin.

    Back on topic.
    If a reasonable off the cuff analysis was performed, what would be the drop of custom, percentage wise, that the spurs receive from motorcyclists visiting the area? Would it be enough to send them resting on the breaking point? Does the local council realise this? If not why not?
  19. Rallies are always fun, but are they effective? The quotable favorites such as anti-footpath parking rallies showed both the pollies/police and the general public that this was a bad idea. I don't see this car rally as really showing much, and without much media support, maybe even confusing many. What needs to be done is a show of just how these draconian enforcement policies are affecting a majority (Which we are not).

    Thetramp suggested highlighting the negative effect on tourism, which would maybe make a better focus, as a majority yell very loudly indeed. We need to show the public how these problems also affect them, and gain a strong backing to effect change.
  20. I doubt anyone up that way gives a toss. I think if the locals were going to do anything, they would have started with lynching those responsible for the slow-speed twenty kilometre no-overtaking zones that the Black and Reefton Spurs have become.

    In my opinion, there's plenty of fair weather riders and squids who will continue to keep the local Gestapo up that way occupied, long after us regulars get sick of being harassed and cease riding there.

    Personally, I've always voted with my feet when dissatisfied with something, and the over-zealous policing of the Spurs is no exception to that.