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fonts.... do you have

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by flexorcist, May 11, 2007.

  1. Cheltenham FB Bold Condensed

    it's for a project at work. i have some artwork containing a small amount of letters and i identified the font as the above.... it is, however, a commercial font. does anyone by any chance have that font that they could send???

    i only need to make a swing ticket for a customer once, so it's not worth buying the font.

    cheers if anyones got it and willing to send.

  2. Get back to you ... looking now have a few discs to look through :?
  3. lol thankyou. it's the closest i can find.... guess i'll have to end up scanning and hope fr the best. this one's very similar to that font, yet has a looped lower case k.
  4. I do have Cheltenham Old Style here, just pm me if you want it

    Ohhhh nice link there Vic, now lets see how many more I can add to this 3000 + collection here.
  5. once you click download it wants to charge. every thing on google does for a commercial font.

    thanks anways Charmed... Vic I got it. Good site that one.

    Cheltenham Bold Italic BT after all that............... I wish when people got logos designed for them, they'd at least say to the artist - "Oh what font did you use?". At least my company logo is Times New Roman... (bold though haha)
  6. :LOL: there was a point in time where i would be watchin tv, @ movies, reading paper etc & I would rattle off the font name. But yes, wish people would make a note or ask what font was / is being used for things.
  7. whoops, sorry mate didn't get that far :oops: