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Following TAZMAN through Chum Creek Road

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by [FLUX], Sep 12, 2006.

  1. having some probs with the player... first half plays fine but second half cuts out a fair bit... what software are you using to compress? Also noticed these videos are more pixelated than previous chumcreek vids...

    May I suggest Quicktime Pro using H.264?

    or perhaps I should wait for the Cathar compilation dvd... ;)
  2. Hmmm, just tried it and saw the same thing. Video cuts out half-way.

    Am using DivX 6 codec, but with different settings to before.

    I may just retry using my usual settings...

    Will take around 2 hrs to code up and upload...
  3. ic it's good you're playing around with the video settings... it takes a lot of fiddling around to compress and still get good quality pictures

    divx is good for DVD quality video but not so much web friendly, try maybe a sorenson codec if your video editing program has it, sorenson video 3 or 4 are pretty good for medium size web video. I used to use 24.98fps with soreson3 but depends on your capture speed. but the latest H.264 is 10 times better than the sorenson. you could also try resizing your frame to 320x480 but I personally like the bigger screen. and don't mind waiting for the download.
  4. Hmmm, for 640x480x30fps, I was unable to get better compression/quality using anything other than DivX.

    Normally I run the DivX 6 codec with 1-pass quality (variable bit rate), full quality settings (10 on the preset slider) and a qualifier setting of 10 (lower qualifier settings are better quality). If I set the qualifier setting to 4 in this mode, it produces videos of about the same size and quality as the raw MPEG4 video that comes off the camera. If set to 10 or 12, the files are typically 1/3rd that of the camera files and are of the same quality that you saw in the Loz/Black Spur vids.

    Another thing I find is that if I encode with .mp3 audio, the audio gets out of sync pretty quickly. If I encode with Windows Media ADCPM (or whatever the acronym is), it produces slightly larger files but the audio always remains in sync, and so this is what I use.

    For the file you saw just then of tazman, I had used the multi-pass n-th pass setting on the DivX codec with a 1000Mbps rate. It seems that every time I used the fixed bit rates that I get the pixelisation, and the variable bit rate setting always produces the consistently best quality vids.

    I'm just trying with H.263 at the moment, but I hold little hope that it will produce a video both as small and with as much quality as the variable bit rate DivX with the qualfier setting set to 10.
  5. Bah!

    Seems not all implementations of codecs are created equal.

    Been comparing Windows Media Player (WMP) to VLC.

    For the native MPEG4 format that comes off the camera, VLC kicks butt. The clarity is amazing. I've been viewing the stock videos with WMP all this time, and while impressed, the image is blurry compared to the images that VLC produces.

    In total contrast, if I encode using DivX, VLC will produce a pixelated playback, while WMP produces a clearer playback.

    I'm trying to figure out just what the exact codec is that the camera itself is using. It would seem best if I could work with that codec directly.
  6. I've just been compressing my stuff with StaxRip, downloads everything it needs, it's free (mostly designed for XVid), and seems to do a pretty darn good job with minimal stuffing around with settings of the codecs. Maybe give that a go.
  7. <deleted post as it was wrong>
  8. sorry Stew, no help to ya...
    my understanding of video editing is pretty basic... i use a mac... half the work is done for me :grin: and the rest is pretty simple.
  9. I had posted up this video some time back (September), but it was broken. In light of recent events which I heard about two days ago, I revived it and uploaded it to Google. I guess it's a bit of a tribute to TAZMAN to those of you who have never met him.

    If people feel this is inappropriate, then I will remove it. I don't know. I'm all confused at the moment, so forgive me. For me, if I can't get to see him in hospital, then I figure this helps me to remember him and send best wishes and thoughts his way.

    Hope to catch up with you soon mate.

  10. I think it's entirely appropriate Stew. Mick loves to ride so show him as himself. Thanks also, the fist time I saw this thread was about 4 mins after you took down the vid, so that was my first viewing of it. :)

    :-k Might want to mention to Mick when visiting that his lines could be better going into corners. :LOL: I'm shattered Mick, heal up mate. [-o<
  11. Cheers Seany.

    For those interested, a slightly higher quality version of video (as opposed to the Flash-media version you get by viewing on the web-page) is now available to be downloaded from the Google page using the Google video player. Be sure to select the "Original Size" option when viewing it.
  12. Thats a great idea Stew, Mick was over the moon to show me the video at his house but was annoyed it was busted half way through. I know he will be really happy to see you took the time to upload it and get it fixed.
    I will get it loaded onto his IPOD when we have raised enough money to buy it.
    Im hoping he might be up for some visitors mid week. I will keep you informed.
  13. Great tribute !
  14. great footage and a fitting tribute.

    once Taz is able to hae visitors will definately make a trip in to see him.
  15. Good work Cathar. :cool: :wink:
  16. Great tribute Cathar... don't think it's inappropriate at all!! :cool:
  17. yep great tribute. The fun always stops when there's a bloody truck!