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Following Distance

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Cambo, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. I was driving along Cheltenham Road in Keysborough the other night following this particular rider.

    Two things sprung to mind. Firstly, when stopped at lights (like we are here), this rider is WAY TOO Close to the vehicle in front. If something happens behind you and you are about to be rear-ended, you have nowhere to go. Lastly, when you were following cars along Cheltenham Road and then Centre Dandenong Road in Dingley, you were following way too close to the cars. Remember that cars can stop quicker than bikes can and no matter how good your counter steering capabilities are, you were too close to be able to avoid an incident.

    For all you new riders out there, give yourself plenty of room.

    This is why I filter, given the opportunity, in case something happens.
  2. You've done you dosh on the last one dude...

    Yes the rider is to close to the car in front should have filtered - there's plenty of room.
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  3. Should have been filtering. /end thread.
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  4. Agree too close, no escape routes.

    Filtering yes/no its a personal choice depending on the mood you're in, the time of day, the phase of the moon. The last argument you had with your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife/significant other consenting being.
  5. Yup, all of that and the light sequence can play a part in the decision, for me anyway.
  6. Nervous to filter because maybe he's done damage before whilst doing so
  7. Maybe he/she was trying to watch the rear-seat TV?
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  8. #8 RRdevil, Jul 10, 2014
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    Two words 'bull' and 'sh*t' enough said

    Jarrutusmatka 80 km/h auto vs. moottoripyörä:

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  9. both feet down ...
    aimed at a solid object

    that says it all ...
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  10. On paper, cars can outbrake bikes - given four contact patches and the ability to convert Ek to heat much faster than a typical bike. It's worth keeping that in mind, despite RR's video.

    Having said that, as bike tech has improved, the gap has closed.

    But anyway, the following distance and stopping distance is not good.
  11. But 90 series Land cruiser rear windows are quite nice to go through as far as back windows goes. I'm thinking he could find it difficult as everyone is stopped, but then maybe he could wait a bit till it moves forward and try.
    But on a serious note, what if he doesn't want to split? He tired, other shit on his mind. Maybe he's had two tossers nearly take him out this week already splitting. You could get three pounds of good bud in that back pack.........if I was running drugs like him I would be right up the ass of cars and in blind spots. One time I would be totally invisible
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    Light sequence yes but combined with that, if the road is wide than I will filter regardless.

    And yet is prepared to put himself in danger by positioning himself where he has.

    Exactly what was bullshit about that statement?
  13. I think your definition of danger is massively different from mine.
  14. Yeah but I'm an easily frightened old man jealously guarding his remaining years.
  15. One can stop in the same distance as a car on a motorcycle. We are not talking 300kph we are talking normal road speeds. Even someone who considered moderately skilled should be able to
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    Really? You think sitting directly behind a large vehicle with no viability and no escape route is less dangerous than filtering?

    I too could be considered an old(er) man these days, and quite frankly if the decision is between sitting where the twonk in that photo is and filtering - I'll take filtering every time.

    I'll pay that.
  17. I would say it's a slightly greater risk. But we are no where near describing anything as danger.

    The blokes not juggling chain saws here.
  18. It is relative yes - and from a safety point of view, sitting where where that rider is, is more dangerous than had he filtered.
  19. Everyone has forgot one vital piece of information, it was that riders personal choice to place himself there.

    It is all on him regardless if something happens or not.

    For the record, I would be splitting, but that is my choice.
  20. You are quite correct, it is the riders choice and it has nothing to do with us.