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Following CamKawa on Icy Creek to Hill End Road

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by [FLUX], Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Here's some on-board footage from yesterday's Thompson Dam ride. It was taken between Icy Creek (just outside of Noojee) heading towards Hill End/Willow Grove.

    It's a 92MB file, so it would probably be best to do a right-click and save, and then view it later.

    To view it, you'll either need the VLC Player, or to view it in Windows Media Player you'll need to first download and install the DivX 6.2.5 Codec if you don't already have it.

    Click here for the video link
  2. You considered uploading these to Youtube, Stu? It'd save your hosting space.

    Nice vid. Seems Cam's putting some serious speed on even if he's keeping in under 10k RPM. I think that's one happy fella's arse up in front of you there!

  3. That bit of road is pretty tight. After riding the K6, 10k rpm in 6th gear equates to an indicated 240kph, and even in 1st, 10k rpm equates to something like 125kph, so it's not exactly like the 10k run-in limit is going to hold you back on a public road.

    Yesterday I noticed that Cam's riding has improved leaps and bounds though. He tells me that he's taken to touring with the Motorcycle Sports Touring Club of Victoria recently. I was a member with them for about 6 or 7 years myself and it's where I picked up most of my road-going experience as well. Nothing like hitting the roads every single weekend for 300-600km day-trips across almost every single winding road within a 150km radius of Melbourne in all weather to hone your touring skills. That, coupled with Cam's new K6 meant that we were having a ball.
  4. Great vid, you two had fun. Bugger though, I couldn't keep up with him on the 9R, no hope now on the K6...
  5. woohoo
    Great stuff. I played it in firefox and of course hit the foxy tunes play when it began and as fate would have it 'Tube Snake Boogie' by ZZTop blasted out full volume.
    Think I'll go try a few Creedence tracks ... run through the jungle perhaps.
    Crisp video. Very nice.

    edit - Ohh no. La Grange is even better. It kicks into high gear just as you pass the 4 wheel drive.
  6. If you can, please don't! YouTube's quality leaves a lot to be desired!
    Having said that.... It won't bloody connect!!!
    Thanks though Cathar, Luv ur vids ;)
  7. damn, im at work now and cant download it. i'll have to remember once i get home. You're last vids of the spur were ace cathar.
  8. Ok, am pulling the video down now. I have another to put up and I need to free some web host space.
  9. :'(

    Pulled it too soon :p
  10. Youtube it Stu!