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Folks - they DO exist....w***er !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Nickers330, May 20, 2011.

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  1. Out on a leisurely ride this afternoon to what place but one of my favourites - Kinglake - via Panton Hill, St Andrews etc.
    Not only is the ride up there enjoyable but I personally make a point of supporting local business (cafes..all of them) by stopping in for lunch or coffee, the latter the case today.

    Deciding to park in a designated parking spot today, I was quite surprised to see this when I left the coffee shop with warm cuppa in hand.....



    Wanted to have a stern word with the driver and waited till the owner approached. Without a word at all, he looked away in disgust as he neared, a middle-aged bogan in the true sense (!) and started up his cage and drove off, sliding the rear out as he left.
    Not sure why I didn't say anything at all - probably waited to give him the benefit of the doubt or to hear anything from him. I wasn't in any mood to get heated or feisty...

    Just a heads up guys. I know many of us visit Kinglake very regularly for similar reasons to mine but be prepared for w***ers like this. Hence my decision to 'document' this in case a future need arises.

    Thoughts ?

  2. I always park my bike in the dead centre in those car parks unless I am with a herd of other bikes, then we all squeeze in to the same park,
    Its stops wankers like that from squeezing the bike in or actually hitting it, pushing in close.
  3. Ah the power of the unspoken word. That or a picture says a thousand.
  4. I actually thought of doing that deadman for the reasons you stated...for some reason I found myself rolling further back.
    Although I have parked in this manner several other times, I've never been confronted with such a moronic sight like todays.
    I dare say I would have exchanged words had I not parked on the angle I did (allowing me to exit) should he have taken ages to return.
  5. So does his number plate (y)
  6. Is this a serious thread?
  7. The good news!...he stopped before hitting your bike! :)))
    AND, he probably was only visiting from boganville. :)))

    I think the long stare from you probably said alot more than words. (evidenced by the cocksizing departure.) Clearly he was feeling defensive. Bloody well done, for that, mate!!

    Mmm...Now...I did'nt get a phone call?...the reason for that was?
    Ermm.. tick tick tick

    LOL, pay no attention bud, i'm just having a dig for fun. <smirk>
  8. Umm...mmmff...ermm, i think so, deadsy. Why?... Does it not pass your "i'll keep my sarcastic remarks to myself" level.

    Apparantly, it has'nt passed mine either.. Oopsie :))

    C'mon mate... There's no need, eh..
  9. John,
    Thanks mate..and oopsie from me for not smsing you ! Totally forgot, as it was a 'quick'n'dirty' ride...last minute decision to head out after being indoors most of the day..off to work very shortly. Will try and plan something in a more 'organised' fashion next time mate.. my bad !!! But you're so right - at least he didn't hit the bike, and I suspect had he done so the picture would have been very different - bike on its side (perhaps) and no burgandy car in the picture :D

    I'll give you the benefit of a doubt here. Never had an 'interesting' experience out there, mate ? I'm sure there'd be at least 1 or 2 (;) ) posts by you mentioning something here in the forum that you would like us to take 'seriously'. Everyone is allowed to post any info/experiences here...perhaps as a helpful heads-up ?
    In case I caused you any misunderstanding - yes, this IS a serious thread.
  10. I don't understand the problem, honestly. He has left sufficient space between his vehicle and yours, there does not seem to be any other parking spot next to the one you are occupying and therefore it does not seem like you can be blocked in. I don't know, perhaps I am missing something significant here (it is possible, I have been writing an essay all day).
  11. not that you don't have every right to park there, but i would have parked on the paved area. there, in particular because it's a bottleshop or pub or something, meaning drunks pull in and out.
    but generally i avoid parking in the alloted spaces and get up on the pavement, in any shopping centres etc, because cars will pull in and just drive straight into your bike.
    i also try to park around where other bikes are.

    ps: when bogan returned to his POS car, it should have been missing a mirror.
  12. True that, Monkeyman. However, it's a cafe (not a bottlo), it was a very quiet arvo/evening and yes, normally I'll always park near other bikes. None in sight today and have parked in this exact spot before with no similar experiences.
    Your last line had me in stitches :D
  13. The fact that we bikers tend to group park in bays or park out of bays elswhere, is just a courtesy, we afford coz we're a decent bunch.

    If at somepoint we do take a bay, then it is ours. It is arrogant to use the same bay that is already taken, not to mention (as far as i know), illegal.

    I'd have my back up if someone did it to me.
    Why? Mainly because i would acknowledge that the parking space is taken, and move on, not shove my car in there with the arse sticking out into the street.

    Poor form... Like it does'nt matter that someone else is already there. Grrr!
  14. I have to say I'd be shitty if I was the car driver and saw you park there, especially with all that lovely pavement nearby.

    I'd just be plain confused if you took pics to post on the net.
  15. Kinglake is a pretty big place, so parking in "town" is highly desired as the walk from the nearest free carpark must be at [strike]least[/strike] most.... 50m? Thats far too far to walk on a mild Autumns day :rofl:
  16. haha
    Had some parking fun this week myself....

    Got home one day this week and as I pulled in the driveway, misses runs out with one of those missed a parcel so pick up at the post office cards.
    So road to the Studfield post office which is basically within a few shops along a service road with angled parking on Stud Rd.
    Paths are very narrow with limited bike parking space but as it turned out ther was a spot in front of the PO so I parked in a car bay but right up to the path.
    Couldn't pick up the parcel as it hadn't got back there yet but bloke said to wait about 20 min so I got a coffee and hung around.

    Then the fun started....
    Watching cars about to pull into the spot then having to back out while cursing, swearing, etc...

    I did think great that no one rode into my bike but was fun just the same.....
  17. I'm with you on this one. I really can't see the problem. You're not being blocked in and you've been left plenty of room to get out.

    Personally, I would have used the pavement anyway. Why take a car parking space when there is so much pavement to use? I can't remember the last time I actually parked in a car space. I generally don't like doing it because of the oil that can often be found in them. The bike would probably be much safer on the pavement anyway.
  18. I always park right up the front of the bay so people can see the bike before trying to pull in.

    To play devil's advocate here i'm sort of with Deadsy and I'm going to use one of the arguments that we use for filtering, relieves congestion. Fair enough that there probably was plenty of parking around but it appears from the picture that he didn't block you in so in effect he is freeing up a parking space for someone else. It also doesn't look like he is blocking the road either.

    Although had you been waiting for another rider to turn up...

    I can understand being annoyed by it but me personally can't see it as such a bad thing as others.
  19. What about when you do it to another bike ??
    Up here in Nanna land you can be booked for parking on the footpath. Actually anywhere besides the road.
    If I see another bike in a car park space, I will wedge my bike in there. And have had more than one guy go off about it.
    Maybe cause I am use to working in bike shops and having them close together it seems normal to me and not a problem.
    But yeah have had a few heated arguments about it.
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