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Folding Scooters/Motorbikes in Australia?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by benk_75, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Hi, I'm about to travel around Australia in a motorhome and am wondering about foldable motorbikes/scooters. Does anyone know if these are legal in Australia and if so who sells 'em?

  2. I know what you mean but I can't even recall when was the last time I saw one of these. They probably exist, but they certainly aren't common! One alternative you might have more luck with is motorised pushbikes, as they would be about equivalent in functionality. There are a few places that sell them, some are electric, some are petrol but they all have the bonus of not having to have a rego (pushbike rules apply to them as long as they don't exceed certain size/power restrictions)
  3. Found the website :cool:
    There are a number of electric bicycles on this website (if you couln't tell by the name - lol :LOL: )
    If you don't like this website just google 'electric bikes'

    Regarding the legal aspects - To my knowledge (dont quote me on this - just have a look on the RTA website - its there somewhere) the power of the bike has to be under 200 kilowatts, thats without having to buy a motorbike lisence and have the thing registered. Please check your state regulations - don't take my word for it.
    I hope this helps :wink:
  4. It might be Watts not Kilowatts. I reckon a bike with 200Kw would be a hoot.
  5. I stand corrected - its toooo early & i have an exam today.

    PS - I just answered a door to a courier with a VERY nice bike - a bit overloaded though.
    We need like a netrider handshake so we know its one of us lol
  6. Well considering that Hyabusa claims 132 kW I would say thay'd have to be under 200kW ... so yes, you're absolutely correct :)
  7. If they have pedals fitted yes they are legal in vic anyway, without pedals 200 watts is the limit
  8. Thats why i said it's important to look at the RTA website!!!!!! - Or what state regulator you have - saves confusion!

    To my knowledge - RTA had a PDF file on this issue!!! (or maybe it was VIC)
  9. If you have a motorcycle licence then just pick up an old postie - I've seen those attached to caravans a few times. Or you could always go for a 50cc bike (legal to ride with a car licence in some states), the Sachs Madass is one example.
  10. yeah, Sachs Madass is probably the closest to what the OP had in mind. But do they sell them in Australia? I've never seen one in the flesh.
  11. I'd have one of those Madass things if they were around. Thats cool it's like a pushbike for lazy people like me! Need to mod it for powered mountain biking. Yeah.
  12. Alternative solution #1:

    Get some U channel and some eye-bolts. Screw bolt aforementioned onto roof of motorhome. Get a long fooken ramp. ride normal m/bike onto roof of motorhome into U channel. Tie bike down with the eye bolts. remove ramp. drive off into the sunset...

  13. Scooter Central up at Brookvale (syd) have them for immediate sale.
  14. I reckon the 125cc version would be much more practical, 45kph max on the 50cc version would be very very limiting.

    Don't get me wrong, the styling is great... but 50cc bikes are for travelling 500metres to the corner shop.
  15. I don't think they have compliance plates, I've only ever seen a couple advertised although they are popular in other countries. DiBlasi makes them.

  16. Hi benk-75.
    Were not sure if your towing a trailer ?
    Do you know there is a motorcycle rack ,that fits on your tow ball.
    Might be a idea {if no trailer} to get a bigger 125cc.ect

    Or maybe the "TGB munster" there small 90cc and look ok for abit of dirt roads "maybe" small enough to fit in the bus ,with a small ramp.There about $2000 full rego ride away.