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FOI - how bad could it be

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by russ, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. I wanted to bring peoples attention to the sydney morning heralds current freedom of information quest. It is all very melodramatic, but read and have a think

    but first.
    [url]http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=6&art_id=vn20060821101244617C573099 [/url]

    this is where unchecked goverments can end up. 20 years ago south africa's economy was equivalent to australia. Poor govermental management and apathy on behalf of the people have allowed for this sort of thing. You'd be forgive for thinking such outrageous behaviour would never exist in Australia. wait for it... :?

    Now the SMH has it's own agenda, quite obviously. but inamongst the tabloidisms of news and current affairs, this is probably the most significant quest by any news group in many a year.


    here is their list of just a small number of ridiculous events that reflect our position today. in the evil world of terror we must be protected from such secrets as how much it will cost to revert the entire NSW police force back to their original name (after a 4 year name change it's going back) because it isn't in the publics best interest - who knows what evils the terrorists will do with such information. Or information relating to Bracket creep and how the goverment has calculated it, god forbid the people get hold of such sensitive information
    The NSW goverment has spent $200 000 on legal bills trying to stop the release of two routine, land-title search request forms, there is suggestion that they deliberately undervalued the land in a sale, the documents would prove or disprove the theory.

    lets not pretend it is a single political party who is to blame here, but then lets also not pretend it isn't our own fault. we deserve a specific FOI law base. and we should demand it. christ knows enough people on netrider have demanded we have free speech on the forum.

    Think of the information controls put in place since 9/11. None of the airplane security measures implemented because of 9/11 -- no-fly lists, secondary screening, prohibitions against pocket knives and corkscrews -- had anything to do with last week's arrests. And they wouldn't have prevented the planned attacks, had the terrorists not been arrested. A national ID card wouldn't have made a difference, either.

    read the link and you will see how vital this sort of information is. get behind this push by SMH, or new ltd, (who really cares), send letters to your local politicians, write in to your own newspapers, send any FOI dealings you've had to SMH to help.

    It might not feel like there is a problem. but consider the $200000 spent protecting the documents of the land title. someone is getting very rich on bad laws that can be changed.