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Fogoff Face mask, my experience

Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. It works!
    first time ever my visor has ben completely fog free.
    Big test was this evening in peak hour traffic under adverse conditions.
    Visor down, face warm no fogging!
    It fits snugly and the pressure of the helmet keeps it in place over the cheeks.
    The breather tube is a good idea as it seems to create a vacuum with the air movement underneath, you breathe fresh air which gets warmed up as you breathe it out but all the condensate leaves from the air tube rather than remain inside the helmet. Simple but effective.
    The wire inside the nose piece forms a decent seal over the nose and for me at least it seals decently.
    I find that the main area that needs a seal is on the cheeks near the nose rather than the nose itself and i tend to seal it like that.
    The very first time i wore it under the helmet the breather tube shifted and was blocked, scary shit as for a split second your brain is wondering why you can't draw a breath.
    Putting a helmet on can be difficult the first few times but hold it in place with one hand and plonk on helmet with the other then readjust.
    I'm a happy customer and for $30 a sound investment in fog free warmth from Peter Stevens (I must be an idiot)

  2. Yeah, you're dead right. For some reason, my first one didn't come with the wire bit and the mask actually made fogging worse. I took it back to the shop and they gave me one with the clip intact.
    Had that too; I reckon you could have a panic attack if you were a bit claustrophobic :shock: .

    Used to use mine all the time till I bought a Nolan 102 with the NFRS (Nolan Fogging Resistant System) read "extra bit of plastic", and it's been retired since. Might reincarnate it though now the weather's turning colder.
  3. Yeah they are great.
    Also act as a neck warmer too
  4. +1 natta
    I got my fog-off mask a cpl of moths ago, as Yep I agree they are great.
    Warm face, no fogging etc ..
    A little uncomfy at first until you get used to it.
    Only drawback is that sometimes I feel a draught on my right eye, so bad my eye waters and I momentarily shut that eye. Thought perhaps the visor wasn't sealing so I've tried to adjusted it a few times .. to no avail.
    I think either the mask is causing air to enter the helmet somewhere, OR The mask is not sealing above my right cheek and allowing the wind to enter ? :? Still insure.
  5. Is this it?


    It took a bit of searching to find it. "Fogg Off" appears to be the name of the product.

    Wish I read this last week. It would've gone onto my birfdy wish list. Now, I got a couple of books instead...

    I wonder how it goes when you're wearing glasses.
  6. Looks a little different to mine .. but yeah

  7. Fine with glasses providing you've got the nose clip shaped around your nose. If not, then it fogs your glasses :)
  8. I'm more concerned about fitment and whether it will interfere with how my specs will sit on my nose. ie. if the fogg off lifts the glasses higher than they should be then my vision will be impaired.
  9. You can adjust the fogoff to sit lower on the bridge and wear your specs above it.
    They will allow you to try it on at the shops first if you are concerned.
    Just takes a few adjustments to get used to your preference.

    I don't wear glasses btw but if i were to wear my sunnies i doubt there would be a problem.
  10. +1 with Smee. I do wear glasses and have had no problems in the glasses-lifting-higher-vision-impairment area.
  11. Thanks guys.

    Looks like I might be getting one after all. I posted the link to the missus and to No. 1 daughter. She replied back asking what size would I take if I were to get one....

    I s'pose that turning xx has its benefits....
  12. Get the large :cool:
  13. yep
    Definitely the large if your helmet is large
    the medium is for small to medium helmets.
    there actually is no small.
  14. I bought one last year and very happy with it once I got the hang of getting wire right over the nose. Used a stanley knife to open out the breathing tube by removing the 'mesh' bit inside because I found it a bit restrictive for air flow. Maybe I'm a heavy breather.

    Very much worth the money.

  15. I got my Fogg Off (FO) face mask three days ago (birfdy present). I tried it on around the house and put the helmet on. I should have also tried it on with the jacket.

    Anyway, this morning, up at 5.30am getting ready for work. -1.4 degs out. Beauty, perfect conditions to test it. Foggy as well. Even better.

    Well, I put my thinsulate balaclava on then clipped the Fogg Off on. I discovered then that even though the balaclava's material is thin it still makes it a stretch to get the Fogg Off on comfortably.

    I put my jacket on, then the lid. The lid pushed the Fogg Off down. Damn. Off with the lid reposition and try again. Same result.

    I removed the balaclava, refitted the FO, helmet on. Better, but now the vent thingy was pushed out and I couldn't breathe. Repeated the above steps.

    With the lid on and strapped I put my specs on. I had problems getting the arms over my ears and the specs to sit on my nose. But I managed it.

    All this farting about took about ten minutes before I got it right. Luckily I had given about that much time to try it all on, so I wasn't late for work.

    Out on the bike I found that it is like wearing a neck brace. But luckily there was little traffic about so I was not too concerned with "head checks". I also found that the glasses were too high and I had to make adjustments. Unfortunately not good enough. Vision a bit blurred. Then the specs started misting up. Visor was fine, though. And I found that due to the thickness of the material that it's not a very comfortable fit.

    The FO did protect my neck from the cold. I was concerned that because it didn't go around my neck except for the fastening strap that I'd have a nasty draft up the back of the lid. But this didn't occur.

    The ride was only 15 mins. but it was enough to demonstrate that on a longer or long ride the FO could become an unwanted distraction. I doubt that I'd recommend it for the Icicle Ride. For that I'd suggest a Fog City visor liner, contact lenses if you wear glasses and can afford ot get a script for contacts and a decent quality balaclava and/or neck warmer.

    I was not aware of what this was made of...

    "Fogg Off uses Thermoskin with Trioxin, an advanced material, which not only captures and retains natural body heat, but also allows the wearer's skin to breathe and remain comfotably dry in the coldest of weather. "

    ...until I actually got the thing. It's nothing more than stubby holder material or wetsuit material.

    Or a facsimile thereof...

    I am going to modify my balaclava. Or rather my wife is. She's handy with a sewing machine and overlocker. I'll get her to sew some sort of non breathable material on around the nose and mouth area such as a thin layer of vinyl. And through it have a slit and a pouch to accept the FO's vent. I'll then give that a go and see what it's like.

    In the meantime today's ride also gave me the chance to test my new silk inner gloves which I think it was Flipper on the Icicle Ride thread who pointed us to them. I got a pair of them about a month ago. I have a pair of $50 DriRider winter gloves which aren't all that flash. So the silk gloves actually worked. But I was still feeling slightly chilled in the fingers by the time I got to work.

    So, a little more work to do in the fingers/face/neck warming areas, I think.

    In conclusion, would I recommend the Fogg Off? Maybe. It depends on your situation. Do you have an appropriate shaped head, a helmet that can accomodate the FO without it being cramped, do you wear glasses and what sort of cold weather riding do you do?
  16. Cut the guts out of the breathing tube with a stanley knife. It's too restrictive and when you breath out pressure behind the mask forces moist air out the nose bridge no matter how you adjust it. I couldn't wear glasses before doing this mod.

    The tube is held in the mask with velcro that comes off the plastic allowing the tube to slide up and blocking air flow - not fun. I tossed the velcro and [used a couple of small screws instead] correction: decided to try another type of glue.
  17. Hmm. Mine doesn't even have that. It merely slides up and down the slit.

    I might try the mod though. Or perhaps source a larger diameter and longer tube to replace it.

    Whatever, the material is too thick to be comfortable under my lid. I'd probably even say that the large, which is what I got based on recommendations here may be too large. That the nose section sits too high on my face.
  18. Ah, then it sounds like yours has done what mine did. There was a round piece of velcro that was supposed to be glued to the top of the tube but doesn't stick well to that type of plastic. Pull the tube out and you may find the velcro pad stuck to the front inside of the mask. Unless they forgot it or it's dropped out, either way you need something to stop the tube sliding up. I've tried a different glue for the pad which will hopefully stay put.

    The tube size is fine with the inside cut out. It makes a huge difference for us heavy breathers..