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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spiky, May 26, 2005.

  1. Foglights on oncoming cars really tick me off. They make it much more difficult to accurately judge distance and speed, affect my night vision and distract me from the road.

    They do not make the drivers of that vehicle go any faster, and neither do they make them look like Colin Macrae. They are fog lights, designed to be used in fog or when visibility is poor. It's bad enough using them in the day when the drivers appear like sad wankers, but at night they become dangerous sad wankers, and that's significantly worse. I tend to put my full beam on and accelerate towards them, but then I'm easily annoyed.

    I'm just going to tie my high-horse here for a while.........would anyone else like a go on it?
  2. But fog lights do help make an otherwise ordinary riceburner look like a rally car... that and the massive sticker across the windscreen displaying the brand of car for those who just aren't sure what kind of car it is.
  3. ..............and then of course, you've got to have the seat pushed down and all the way back, so that you lose any real remaining control of the vehicle.
  4. u forgot the pineapple tin exhaust, and the doof doof. the actual subs make the car go faster. (trust me i know, i had a doof doof car 4 a while :wink: ) just trying to figure out how to mount a 15" sub to my hornet.

    back to the point.
    true. i do alike spike and give em full power of my 55w halogens.
    its dangerous and its worse when they see u coming and leave them on.
  5. I having been driving for 7 years, and I have NEVER seen fog lights used during fog. Go figure...
  6. since when did anyone need foglights anyway? you only would use them in thick thick fog out woop-woop way if at all in this country. theres a bloody woman who lives across the road who ALWAYS drives with hers on. the sad thing is, i think shes too dumb to realise that they are actually on and too dumb to figure out how to turn them offf even if she did know they were on. pisses me of old school.
  7. Yeah. I've got to be the only Impreza driver on the planet who doesn't have them on 24/7

    Then again, 2 Beechcraft HID landing lights would probably attract undue attention in town :p Nice out in the forest though.
  8. I really wish you'd stop taking _my_ horse out for a ride! *sigh* you didn't even ask this time...

    Perhaps someone could explain why this is any different to riders using their high beam during the day which some around here seem to advocate. [-X

    It's one thing that nonriders always seem to bring up when they notice I ride.
  9. can of worms open. nice one. :LOL:
  10. My car has foglights and I use them quite frequently. However, I do live in Wollongong and travel often to the Southern Highlands around Robertson and Moss Vale where it it likely to be foggy any time of the day and any time of the year.
    As for using them around town - it's simple. Only when it's foggy!
  11. I hit the brights trigger on the bike any time it looks like somebody might possibly not have seen me. Works some of the time, other times people coming the other way hit the brakes because they think I'm flashing the cop warning at them :)
  12. sorry to go against this but fog lights should be no more annoying than parkers. they are not intended to aim up. They should not be blinding you as they are a spread beam low mounted low pointing light usually designed in a non blinding colouur (yellow).

    I have however seen on many occcasions seen small driving lights (or fog lights) very crappily mounted unadjusted low in the bumper. with people trying to pass them off as foglights. If you notice, factory fitted foglights will not be a concern and i see know harm in them being on during the day.
    nb: all imo