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foging gasses

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by gili, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Having bought my new Shark with anti fog visor, was annoyed to find my presciption glasses spoiling the party, has anyone been able to find a safe product to use on their glasses to stop them from fogging?

  2. I haven't put anything on my glasses but a breath deflector snug on your nose helps a lot
  3. You can get anti-fog sprays and sticks that you apply and then rub off. I used to use them when I was flying planes with a helmet on. Especially at night when it was humid. One night I was on late final about 10 seconds from landing in 20 knots of crosswind when my glasses fogged up on me. I was suddenly IMC in the cabin :LOL: (for the flying types)! Had to raise the visors and take the glasses off as I started a go around on instruments.

    After that, I religiously prepared my glasses before every flight with an anti-fog stick, like a lip balm. Worked a treat. Can get them from any optometrist and maybe even chemists.
  4. my missus gets this antifog spray from the optometrist or she will use contacts lenses
  5. I bought a Fogg Off neoprene bandanna a few years ago and just worked out how to use properly at yesterday at Phillip Island. Makes great Darth Vader-type beath sounds.
    Works a treat for the spectacles :!: :grin: