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Fogging Visors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by imajo, May 17, 2006.

  1. Its getting a bit colder these mornings and riding with the visor a little open is freezing my face off. Anyone use anything to get rid of the fogging?

    I tried the breathe guards but just didnt like it.

  2. Being in Perth this is not a problem I currently have, but when I lived in the UK there was a little spray called 'Fogg-Off' that worked pretty well for an hour or so, but not much longer. There may well be something similar sold here.
  3. I use a little bottle of anti-fog spay. I dunno what brand it is, but I'd be faily sure it's all the same stuff. Keeping the visor clean will help and opening it a crack to let a little cool air in will also fix the problem if it gets foggy. :)
  4. Mr Sheen.
  5. I did a fair bit of hunting on this. Apparently http://catcrap.com.au/ is really really good. I just haven't got hold of any yet.

    I've tried Rain-X Fog-Off. Don't bother. All it managed to do was even out the fogging to the whole visor, rather than just the bit in front of my mouth/nose.

    If you want a few reviews, try http://www.webbikeworld.com/anti-fog-visor/ [note there's a list on the right of the page with more reviews]
  6. I jsut wash my visor inside and out with liquid hand soap. Rub it all over the visor when both are dry, then add water and wash off. last about 1 week with minmial fogging. Also get a shoei, they have a little lever that allows the visor to be open about 1mm enouugh to clear the visor but not enough to get cold!!
  7. well i just bought some cat crap - 11.95 posted. Im sure there is something cheaper. There is also a website www.catcrap.com.au couldnt see how much they are selling for but i have emailed them.
  8. buy a progrip lens
    sticks inside your visor, anti fog and darkens in the light $30 retail

    or fog city ones are around $50
  9. Has anyone tried the anti-fog things for swimming goggles? Just a thought.
  10. all my old helmets were fogging up real bad... the new AGV GP-Pro for some reason does not fog up at all!! but it does have an anoying "wind" blowing on the inside of the helmet just in front of my face... the old Shark I had at lwast was blowing air into my eyes... the AGV does not..
  11. I bought one of those light sensitive stick on inside of the visor thingies from Bikemart in Ringwood. Best thing. No fog in any conditions and darkens in the sunlight, and clear at night. Perfect solution.
    Ride safe.
  12. Is it the self adhesive style with a foam rubber gasket around the edge?
    They're great so long as long you don't take the visor off the helmet. When your visor spreads after taking it off, the seal between inner lens and visor is broken. This can lead to fogging and moisture between the lens and visor.
    Highly recommend Pinlock fog lens, www.pinlock.com , they are interchangable and available in different shades. Removable for cleaning, and if you keep the template, transferable from visor to visor and helmet to helmet.
  13. I agree, Pinlock is the best that I've used (catcrap=crap, liquid soap=good but needs to be done daily, fogoff and other stick ons=come unstuck sooner or later).

    However when trying to get a replacement for my Shoei (lasted 3 years of everyday use) Bikemart told me they are not being brought into Assie any more.

    Anyone know of a shop with old stock for Shoei?
  14. My experience with Fog City visor liners has been nothing but excellent. When I bought a new helmet I couldn't get any FC liners. So I tried another brand that is "photochromatic" or darkens/lightens according to ambient light.

    As a fog retardent it didn't work very well. And at night, I was forced to ride with the visor up as it was still slightly tinted. Didn't do my temperament much good as I was navigating the dark streets around the Dandenongs looking for my sister's place.

    I tried another brand, but its anti-foggness wasn't that great either. Plus it stuck out more than the FCs, which caused it to snag on the helmet when opening or closing the visor (AGV lid).

    And no, I can't remember the brands, other than the FCs.

    I'd probably stick with the Fog City products, myself.
  15. well got some catcrap in the mail yesterday and the stuff works - just have to see how long it lasts before i have to reapply it. Its also a cleaner as well.
  16. I'm ordering a pinlock visor from Blue Mountains Imports & Exports (Australian distributor for pinlock). I've been quoted $42 for any colour & it includes postage... Does anyone know what colour's the visors come in, and also is $42 a good price for a pinlock visor??
  17. +1
  18. I have a ProGrip visor insert, which works very well and darkens in sunlight.

    Once I got that, my biggest problem was that my glasses would still fog up, so I grabbed an anti-fog stick from an optometrist. It looks like a chapstick, but you clean your glasses, apply this stuff to the lenses and polish it off with a soft cloth. It works quite well.

    I haven't tried Mr Sheen, although I can vouch for its ability to remove excess chain lube and gunk from a swingarm and surrounding areas. Brilliant!
  19. 42??? Acch... everyone is spending money like it grows on tree's!!! it makes me wince and I'm only 1/2 scottish... I'm sure my grandad would be turning in his grave to see people applying cat crap \ my GF's non cented clear lip gloss to their visors!!! I know my dad would be wincing at $10 a pop when non scented lip balm is $5 from the body shop...

    3 coats of Mr sheen and use a microfiber cloth or tissue paper to polish between coats. It forms a light film of oil which doesn't go cloudy under heavy breathing...