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Fogging visor

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by clarkie, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Any tips to help stoping this? Went out and got some rain x antifog and didnt help at all.

  2. hey mate, there is a heap of threads about this around the forum so take some time and browse through or use the search for "fog" "visor" until you find what you need

    all the best
  3. Dont think i have seen it mentioned on here before, but if you grab a cake of soap and rub it all over the inside of the visor, and then rub it in using a cloth/rag/paper towel it will stop the visor from fogging (also works really well for bathroom mirrors which is where i got the idea).

    Just try to avoid the soaps with moisterisers in them as they blur the visor a bit. I've heard some people say that baby shampoo can also work but have never tried it?

    Its really cheap and works 100%.
  4. I have tried a number of anti-fog inserts. Most are crap as the seal inside does not completely seal against the visor alowing a small amount of air insde.
    So far the best has been the fogcity brand. its on my AGV. Having probs with my flip-top nolan. Cannot get one to fit.

  5. This is a Cat 4 post. See here for details: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=55280
    Cam, which Nolan do you have? I have the 102 and the NFRS (Nolan Fog Resistant System) does a fantastic job.
  6. Hey Deecubed

    Not sure which one. it's in the garage and theres no hope in hell of me going outside. :cry:
    Anyhoo, I did get a yellowish plasticy thingamigig with the lid but no instrautions and does not seem to fit the visor at all.
    Sorry cannot give you more info but will check and get back to you.

  7. +1 Envy-t
    I have tried just about everything from catcrap to potatos!
    The only 2 things that seem to REALLY work is the fog-off mask and the progrip 3000 visor shield.
  8. Fogoff face mask all the way babeeeee
    Been using it with Melbourne's magnificent weather of late and it works.
    No fog
    no leaky visor due to having to open it to see.
    My little "invention" with a visor wiper blade attachment for the left thumb worked great as well.
    Just got to add a stop to the lower end to prevent the wiper blade from falling out of the holder.
  9. That sounds like the NFRS. It might not be yellow, it might be the plastic wrapping that’s on it. The NFRS fits inside the clear visor on your helmet with a very snug ‘contact’ fit. If you got your lid new then fitting instructions should be in the bumph that you got with your helmet (that you didn’t throw away right :LOL: ). I’ve attached a fotie of the NFRS below from Nolan’s website. If you’ve got one, fit it and your fogging worries are over.

  10. Thats the pinlock system innit?
  11. I got some really good stuff over the net from Canada (figured they would know a thing or two about cold weather). It's called Fog Tech and is a liquid that you just paint lightly over the inside of your visor every four or five days. Yesterday I rode from Footscray to Olinda (50kms and up to the Dandenong mtns for the non Victorians) and I rode the whole way with my visor shut tight and no fogging and no trying to hold my breath either.

  12. Yep Vic, it does indeed lock onto the inside of the main visor with two pins. It's supposedly adjustable once in place, however I've found the 'contact fit' to be so tight that no adjustment is possible; luckily none is necessary :LOL: The fitting guide recommends the visor be removed prior to fitting and TBH I don't think you could do it without removing the visor. It's so effective that you can sit in your lounge room with it on and breathe like Darth Vader and it still won't mist up.
  13. Question.
    I bought a Fogcity visor insert from Bikemart a couple of weeks ago and asked them to install it on my visor while I was in the shop. They did but it just won't stay stuck to my visor - it comes undone no matter how firmly I press the insert seal against the visor. Is there a type of sticky glue that will help stick the insert to my visor but not be permanent if I have to remove it for some reason in the future? It's either that or buy another one for $50 and try again. Any thoughts?
  14. I installed a fogcity insert and was immediately impressed by the anti-fog qualities... however I was soon unimpressed by the internal reflections of both myself and of any light source at night....

    It is also no where near as clear as my Arai visor...I nearly ripped it out as I found it distracting, though due to inconvenience at the time / laziness, I decided to leave it in for a bit and now am used to it.... that said though, just this morning I thought to myself... hmmm looking forward to warmer months when I can interchange the visor with a standard or maybe a tinted without the fogcity insert... it's just nicer :)
  15. My visor was giving me grief while it has been wet in sydney, getting out trying to get used to different conditions, makes it tough when you cant see haha. Since i had nothing else i gave the bar of soap technique a whirl, did it once a week or so ago and it hasnt fogged since, easy as and pretty much free too!.

  16. Thanks for all the replys tied a few of them and much better. :grin:
  17. Which did u settle on?
  18. stop jerking off with your helmet on?