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Fogging Visor?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by vic, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Then say goodbye to it.

    We now have the best anti fog product available for sale on our merchandise page. CATCRAP

    It's priced less than retail coz I just wuv you guys :p

    Grab a tub of the stuff. It's a must have item for those doing the icicle run in this crazy weather.
  2. Mmmm sounds good to me, I'll get some :grin:
  3. A tip for people who are new to catcrap. When applying it on the visor, make sure you don't "overclean" the visor by rubbing the catcrap off. It's a line between the application of it, cleaning the visor with it but don't over rub with the cloth so you totally remove the catcrap. It needs like a really thin film so it can "do it's job" besides removing grime/dirt/whatever off the visor. Of course you only need to make sure you don't "overclean" the inside of the visor. The outside can be cleaned totally using catcrap.

    There have been some threads in the past discussing this where people who had bought catcrap have asked why it wasn't stopping the fogging up of the visor when they had cleaned the inside "through and through". They had done "the cardinal sin" of removing all of the catcrap from the inside so hence it couldn't "de-fog" the visor. It might pay for the curious/uneducated to use the Search function using "catcrap" as the keyword :)

    Try this :)
  4. Vic, your the ultimate salesman!! :p

    Are you getting the 'crap' for your lips? :grin: Cat crap for the kisser :shock: :p :LOL:
  5. I'll email them when I get home.
    They didnt respond to my first email.

    You just gotta have catcrap lip balm.
  6. Can verify it works well!.

    I use rainex on the outside, and catcrap on the inside.

    It MUST be done every 3-4 days, as it does lose it effectiveness.
    Before usung CATCRAP, I had to ride with my visor open in traffic - not very successfully!
  7. Just a quick question, before I put anything in my helmet I like to know if it has any overpowering odour, so what exactly does CatCrap smell like? :?
  8. no odour
  9. It smells like CATCRAP!

    I have heard that Lion dung has magical properties for the male of the species, but to get close enought to a lion to get some is a bit of an art form.

    Vic just started easy, and is working his way up to lions and tigers.
  10. Where can i get this Cat Crap from. I hope I dont have to follow a cat around for two days with a plastic bag. :LOL:
  11. Last night was cold enough that the inside of my freshly plexused visor instantly formed CONDENSATE.

    What are the chances of any product minimising that happening??
  12. Many people swear by catcrap. Seeing that I am still off the bike I can't test it properly.
    Sure I can sit here and surf the net with my helmet on but there is no windchill factor that will properly test it.

    Port80 is popping over to buy a tub of it, ask him what he thinks of it in a few days.
  13. :rofl: at the image of Vic surfing the web with helmet on.

    Dangerous activity that... surfin the web... :rofl:

    Sorry to all netrider safety gurus, but I must admit, I'm currently squidding while surfin...

    No probs. I'll be collaring Port for an opinion :)
  14. Catcrap not test on animals! Yeah yeah I know I look like an ape and all some days. I'll pick it up and have it tested by Coffee on Monday. Now if there was a product to make my clear visor less opaque I'd buy that too... damn cheap visors on the KBC.

  15. There is, its called brasso ;)

    Works a treat. Just need lotsa elbow grease.
  16. One thing, I had been re-using my catcrap container I bought last year and noticed it wasn't working. Using the 24/7 pain killer routine and not using this since last Winter made me forget the basic (main) rule. I wasn't doing it correctly (besides making sure you don't TOTALLY clean it off with the cloth)

    From the catcrap.com.au website

    Just in case someone else buys it and put it straight onto a cloth to apply it (and it doesn't work as stated). So as not to waste it initially, do as above but I personally think that you don't totally remove it off, just buff it til you can't see it but making sure theres a THIN film left on so it can do it's job :) It is a great product :D
  17. Catcrap works! I put some in the middle of my visor, sure enough the first set of lights the sides started fogging up. I could still get my visor to fog up a little, but not as easily as before. It also seemed to make the visor clearer, perhaps by smoothing out some of the smaller scratches on the inside? Anyway, worth the $8.50.