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Fogging Up - What's New? What works?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by RobE, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Even my mirrors were fogging up this morning and it is "open-the-visor-at-every-set-of-lights-season" again.

    Has anyone found any new demisting products or devices that really do the job? :?:
  2. Fool-proof de-fogger - move to Brisbane!!!

    But seriously, have you tried RainX on your mirrors?
  3. I'm sure there are a million posts if you search, but I'll summarise.

    Tried and approved by me:
    - Cat Crap cream (available at netrider shop)
    - RainX anti-fog version
    - Fog city visor insert
    - Pinlock visor insert

    Not tried by me:
    - Oxford visor insert
    - Raw potato cut in half, rub the potato juice on with it.
    - Millions of other anti-fog liquids and creams
  4. +1
  5. FogCity for the visor
    RainX for the mirrors

    works for me :cool:
  6. Personally I've found that only cat crap is worth the time. I had no luck with rain-x or the visor insert thingos (wouldn't allow the KBC to seal correctly).
  7. Never used anything but diluted washing up liquid...works great for me. Got into it years ago when scuba diving...worked great then too!
  8. Your nose works well. God made it to gently gush the nasty warm air downwards. Its even freeware.
  9. Even breathing through your nose can lead to fogging, in fact I find breathing through my mouth with my lips funneling the exhaust downwards gives less fogging.
  10. Fog city visor insert worked really well on my KBC helmet, have not had much problem with new Shark helmet, fogs up when really humid and damp but ok when moving, been good on cold mornings also.
  11. I have not had any fogging since I fitted the Nolan anti-fog device (inner visor giving a kind of double glazing) to my 102, seems to work great but then I do have all the vents open still as well, might be a different story when it gets too cold to have them open.

  12. Going to try this... cause I'm a tight arse. So you literally mix dishwashing detergent with water then rub it onto the visor? More water then detergent or the other way round?
  13. Good thread [​IMG]
  14. Other way around. :wink:

    The most important thing with visors is to keep em clean. A dirty visor will fog up 10 times faster than a clean one.
  15. +1 for dishwash detergent.
    I've been using for 27 years now ( :cry: yes I know I'm an old fart :) ). My first ever bottle of "defog" ran out one day and a guy in the bike shed at work said "dont you use dishwashing detergent?? " . I tried it, and now carry a small pill bottle (plastic , with no drugs left :wink: ) filled with lemon scented dish wash in my jacket pocket.
    Spread it neat with a soft cloth, wipe off excess and away you go :LOL:
  16. pee on your visor :p
  17. Yep, except for the diluted part.
    I use it straight out of the bottle.

    Then I discovered catcrap so use that now.
    I also carry some anti-fog wipes for when the cat crap wears out whilst out and about.

    $2 for 6 wipes, bargain.

    Shame the store is still fcuken broken!!!! :mad:

    AVACTIS by PENTASOFT really do suck!!!! :)
  18. Ok, I tried peeing on my visor.

    Now, how do I get the urine out of my helmet liner?
  19. i think you were sposed to remove your visor then pee on it :wink:
  20. no more helmet ;) problem solvered :p

    no more foggin hahahahah

    but jokes. always wear your gear :)