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fogg off mask

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Bogus69, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. After reading the neck warmer thread and seeing the fogg off comments, I think I want one.
    I can see that they can be purchased online, but want to know if they are available in stores?

    Anyone know where I can go to buy a fogg off mask?
  2. I got mine from BikeMart in Ringwood. If you're a paid up card holding Netrider member, you'll get an extra 10% off the price.

    Membership costs $5 :D
  3. So a fogoff mask will keep the neck warm AND act as a breath guard? :?:
  4. Thanks!

    Yeah I showed my card there when I bought a lock and boots, they didn't know it meant 10% discount untill I told them. LOL
  5. My experience with the Fogg Off after about a month.

    What I like about it
    The thing keeps your neck toasty warm. Not a hint of cold gets through it.
    It fits nicely under your jacket collar.
    When it's on right, there is NO fogging.

    What I don't like about it
    - it can be slightly uncomfortable at the back of your neck if done up too tight.
    - it does cause some resistance when turning your head. You need to use extra effort so DON'T be lazy and not do a head check.
    - I sometimes find myself moving the plastic tube with my tongue, it moves a bit.
    - It does take some getting used to, it may feel a bit claustrophobic for some)

    Do I recommend it!!! Absolutely. It keeps you warm and you can see where you are going.

    Peter Stevens sell them as well
  6. Hey Ashes, you have a PM
  7. Sorry if this is a silly question but what's a fogg off mask?

    I'm picturing a ninja face mask at the moment.
  8. Yeah, thats it!
  9. You have a PM back :D :D
  10. it's a neoprene half face mask that velcros up at the back of your neck. It covers from your lower neck/uipper chest area, throat, mouth and nose.

    it has a breathing opening with a hard plastic tube to allow very easy breathing. The nose piece has a malleable metal rod through it which is very easily bent and re-shaped (time and time again) to contour to your face and nose bridge
  11. But I get the feeling it doesn't necessarily work too well if you wear glasses or sunnies.

    I use an anti-fog visor insert and a neckwarmer. The visor doesn't fog at all, my glasses sometimes do but cracking the visor open a smidge fixes that.

    Much better than before, when both visor and glasses went opaque!
  12. whats the point of it if you have to open your visor anyway? i don't get any fog on my visor but i ride with it open an inch if it fogs up
  13. I had one, lasted a ride to work and was returned to the shop.

    Made it very difficult to do headchecks.
    and still fogged up my visor on the sides.

    Speaking to a manager at the bike shop a week later, he'd said he'd heard similar stories. Just doesn't seem to shape to everyone's head. Try it on in the store, with your everyday helmet and see how it sits.
    Marijuana Joint
  14. Sounds like a plan. How much do they cost? I wear glasses and something that would enable me to keep my visor down and not fog up the visor AND the glasses would be great.
  15. Some thoughts on the foggoff are here clickety bit

    IMHO, they don't work. I couldn't get a decent seal across the nose at all, using glasses as someone suggested, to hold the mask in place just made the sunnies go white with fog, sunnies of, visor goes white, in fact worse than without the fogoff. It was a pain to get the helmet on with the bulky wetsuite type material in place.

    RC36honda, If I'd known you wanted one, you could have had mine for free when I sent the HDDs up (should be there this week sometime btw)

    I've finally found what works for me, that's a thin merino wool balaclava, stick on visor anti fog doo-hickey, and for really cold days, add the neck warmer (netrider of course :wink: )

    If anyone wants a free large foggoff, used about a dozen times before giving up, then PM me and we'll work something out.


    [EDIT] They're gone... Hope they work for someone else
  16. I've had mine for about a year and a half and frankly I swear by it. It seals well, keeps me warm and I don't ride without it in winter.

    Lil now swears by hers too.
  17. my mate has a thing that he puts inside the helmet... than he pinches his nose with it... it looks like he is wearing a fogoff but it is not... he rides with it all the time even in summer... recons it stops his nose from running... I'm not very good at describing it em I??
  18. I have had a Fogg off for a few years now, I bought mine when they first came out.
    A couple of observations,
    1. you have to get the nose piece really spot on or you will get breath leakage.
    2. For sunglasses I have found you can sit them in front of the nose piece and still get the protection. (or if you are like me and have a set of Oakley M frames just take the nose piece off them and they sit perfectly in place.
    3. It can make it hard to turn your head, depending on how tight you make the neck piece on your jacket.
    4. cold mornings you will get condensation from the tube onto your jacket or tank bag.
    5. depending on helmet shape can sit pressed hard against chin, also face shape dependent.
    6. damn it is good and I would certainly buy another.
    7. I can always seem to get a good seal even with a crooked nose that I have.

    dissertation over now
    time to sleep again.

  19. I think he meant his glasses still fogged up not the visor.