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Fogg off Face mask Personal Impressions

Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by Iffracem, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. In cold weather (breathing creates instant fog conditions) I get fog on the inside of the visor when riding at ~70kph or slower, opening the visor just a crack clears it up, but then the windchill makes life uncomfortable.

    Tried cultivating the beard to gretaer bushiness, but apart from getting caught in the chin strap :eek: , no real improvement.

    Looked at the various anti fog devices, including "foggoff" and thought the neck warmer/anti fog combo was worth a go.......

    As a neck warmer, it's good.

    As an anti fog device, IMHO it sux.

    Despite taking the time to get the internal "tube" to sit under me shnoz, fighting to keep the front chin/kneck "flap" to stay inside the jacket while doing up the jackets top fastener and velcro, then fighting to get the helmet over me noggin while stopping the foggoff being forced down.

    Eventually won the battle, felt comfortable, adjusted the nose bit (has wire inside) to seal the mask to the top of me shnoz... well tried to....

    Fitted sunnies.... well tried to.... 5-10 minutes later than usual, off I go.

    Almost straight away the first problem, the mask basically deflected the hot breath straight up under the sunnies, immediate blindness, far worse than normal.... but at least I was warm.

    OK, pull over, readjust (including tube position)... no change..... pull over, remove sunnies, try again..... despite the blinding effect of sun breaking thru the clouds and reflecting of the wet road (double blinding effect), all seemed OK... I thought, well, maybe it'd be OK in the middle of winter (no sun) and sighed with resignation...

    BAD IDEA.. sigh = lots of breath = immediate visor fog + sun + wet road reflection + pull over + re-adjust = try again (X3 in attempt to find this things "sweet spot").

    Went the rest of the way with visor open just a crack.... but at least I was warm.

    IMHO the FOGGOFF visor is a comfortable chin/kneck warmer, as an anti fog device it is less than effective, in fact in my experience it made the situation worse.

    Would I recommend it? Nope.

    Just thought I'd share my experience.


  2. I have had my fogg off mask now for a few years including riding in some awful conditions. I found you have to squeeze the nose piece tight around your nose to get a good seal. Then I put my sunglasses on in front of the seal. I have not had a problem with it and that included having the condensation coming out of the tube freezing onto my jacket.
    I would recommend it but each to their own.
  3. I bought one last week on Dave's recommendation....he wears one all the time. We haven't had any freezing weather yet (although, not far from it! Where is our summer??? :cry: :cry: :cry: ), but I've found it quite good so far. Its great for keeping me warm and I've learnt how to have it set up so I don't get it fogging the visor once I put the helmet on. I make sure I do as Scumbag said, that it gives a snug fit around the nose. The biggest problem I've had with it is remembering to do up my chin strap :shock: :oops: . Cos I have to adjust it once I've put the helmet on but before I do up the strap, I keep forgetting! I used to do all my adjustments on/with the helmet once it was on and secured.

    :D :D :D
  4. I have a similar problem whenever I put on the shell-a-clava. For some weird arse reason, I tend to forget to do the strap up. I then ride off and begin wondering what that tapping sound is and then remember that I didn't strap up the helmet. :roll:
  5. The nose piece, or rather the wire inside the seam that you mold to the nose/face refuses to actual stay against the face. All the breath goes straight up and out. I have a fairly mangled shnoz from various breaks and operations, but it's no Barbra Striesand beak. it should fit!

    Tried the tube in different positions to see if that helps (under nose, in front of mouth, just about rammed up the nostrils)

    Tried the mask loose, tight, high, low...... When I first used it I placed the sunnies as you mentioned... instant fog up! Tried the glasses higher, no good (too uncomfortable) and no glasses means visor fogs up.

    Might just be me, but at this stage it's nothing more than a big, bulky neck warmer.

  6. i've got a foggoff and it works great, one thing i don't understand is people wearing sunnies under helmets?? whats wrong with a tinted vizor? much better veiw and much more comfortable.
  7. i got fogoff too - hardly ever wear it cos i hardly ever ride but it takes a bit of practice to get the item working properly i found. Usually if its raining or cold sunnies aren't needed so i dunno if ild have that prob. but i wouldnt use it on a nice day - too bloody awkward and time consuming to do all that shit up.

    Tinted visors are shit cos ya cant just pull em off like ya can with sunnies when it gets dark.
  8. i just used an anti-fog wipe from K-Mart for my helmet visor
    does the trick! haven't had fog yet
  9. cos here in tas you can start off @ 7:00am clear and sunny, 15-20 min later your coming down the southern outlet towards Hobart and its gone overcast.

    on a ride that lasts 1.5 to 2.0 hours you can go from bright sun to dark and misty. Sunnys are far safer as you can easilly remove em as required, or like mine I can pop out the lenses and swap over tints in seconds. I usually stick with the brown lenses, very good in those situations.

    If I could afford a "photo reactive" visor, I'd get that.

    Back to the FoggOffs, I'll try it again later on when the weather gets really cold. That Kmart stuff sounds good tequila, I'll check it out

  10. I dont like it

    found it to be claustrophobic (spelling???) and it didnt work just as Iffracem said it didnt. is a prick of a thing to put on. I use a pinlock visor and it is good but it eventually distorts and alows a lilttle fog in between the layers, worked well for a year, and still works; but now needs cleaning between the layers between every trip
  11. I've tried and tried with the "FoggOff", and I can't get it to work.

    Impossible to seal against the nose/face (might be that the schnozz has been broken 6 times, dunno) Hard to get the helmet on, impossible to do so without disturbing the FoggOff and needing a re-adjust.

    I've given up, find less fog, and a lot less hassle without it. To keep the neck warm I've got a thin (pure merino wool) balaclava that also helps keep the helmet liner cleaner.

    If I could find some decent anti-fog wipe or spray for the visor I'll be right.

    Anyone in Tas or heading this way and wants a free "FoggOff", drop me a line.

  12. What helmet do you have?
  13. try catcrap.
    works for me, every time. need to re-apply every now and again, but my visor doesnt fog one iota once ive applied some to the visor.
    you can probably apply it to your sunnies too.

    and regarding tinted visor, yet ease of taking sunnies off. if you have to stop to take your sunnies off, and put them in a protective case or something, then your taknig the same amount of time as me, who stops, gets clear/tinted visor out of my 'oxford visor protector' in my bag, and swap them in seconds.

    same time needed, better vision allowed without sunnies. and i look cooler in the tint :cool: :LOL:
  14. I've had all the problems you've had iffracem and one other....I vacuum sealed my jacket inner liner to the breather tube and couldn't breath...basically meant quickly pulling over and tearing at the thing to get some oxygen before I went blue...seriously...I just about sucked the thing inside out.
  15. I've had a fogoff for a few years now and I've never had any problem with it. I don't use it too much cause I live in north QLD. Last year I rode to the Motogp and on to Tasmania. I used it alot down there and it worked really well.
  16. Geez, so much effort. Why not just buy a fog resistant visor :roll:
    $50 bucks for most brands.
    KBC make a great on. No condensation or streaking