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Fog - myth and facts

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by sunite, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Fog seems to be a large problem for us riders without the newer visors that come pre treated with anti fog, and to deal with this, we use a number of ways, some ineffective and some effective, this is all subject to one self for a number of factors:

    climate in ones area-relative humidity and temperature
    helmet-design and venting
    rain-seems to be the largest cause of fog, and not only must we ride slower in the wet and the problem of being seem and our vision is reduced greatly with rain as well as fog in combination
    breathing-some people breath a lot heavier then others becasue they have larger bodys-->larger heart to pump blood through body---->larger lungs to oxide the blood-->heavier breathing
    stress levels and heart rate- more stress more breathing ect...

    taking into account all the above factors of these above that arise with fogging, taking aside all the factors and then realistically applying the adding anti fogging devices as variables, and see how useful anti fogging devices are:

    soap/detergent: the myth here is to wipe soap or detergent onto the visor, not to wipe it off and this will help prevent fogging,
    Problems: this actually blurrs the visor and does not makes the visor 100% clear, the fogging still happens, but does not fog up as intensively as the untreated visor

    fog off face mask: the fog off face mask is used to direct the flow of breathing instead breathing onto the visor and direct the breathing down the helmet instead.
    Problems: the problem is that this does not fit every face, when it doesnt fit the face perfectly the air is instead open up between the nosebrige and cheeks, fogging up directly the visor up on the eyes, another problem is that the breathing plastic feeder tube maybe to small for many people that breath heavily, and unable to cope with the demand and stress placed upon it, air escaped between the nose bridge and cheeks.
    Some people swear by this, but i beilve that this is only a tempoary soloution to the real problem, the air does still leak through betweeen the nosebridge and the cheeks, for peopel that swear by this product, and the ducting syste, of the helmet vents removes the leakage as not to casue fog, because of this it does not fog up, or fog up as bad.
    Solutions: the product is flawed, the lil peice of metal is to soft and malatable to bend and stay to face, the feeder tube is to small to allow heavy breathers to breath out of the tube, the face mask wither needs a drawstring or another velcro peice to tighten up to the face to deny acess leakage

    Rainex anti fog: DONT NOT USE THIS, this will burn ya visor more then treat it to anti fog, this is not designed to work on plastic persplex,
    soulution: keep this away from ya helmet

    Anti fog inserts: imma buy one on the weekeend and get back to u on this
  2. I've been using a Fogcity insert for the last 10 months in my Arai Vector, both on a tinted and clear shield. It's completely eliminated any fog, even if I try to steam it up. That's been tested through some pretty crappy weather this year in Canberra, so including dry, cold, rain, etc.

    Only small draw back is that you get a slight "halo" effect from street/vehicle lights in low light conditions. I certianly didn't find it annoying enough to outweigh the benefits.

    It seems pretty hardy and is easy to clean (I clean it using a computer screen cleaning wipe) and it's clarity is as good now as new.

    I've been warned to stay away from the photochromatic ones, though no personal experience on that.

  3. I use Fog City visor liners. They work great. Only caveat is that you strictly adhere to the destructions when fitting them.

    I've used them on a Shoe and two different AGV helmets with probably 100 percent success.

    I've used other brands with mixed results.

    Worst one was one that was "photochromatic" in that it goes dark during bright sunlight and progressively lightens up as it gets dark.

    1. it went dark and stayed dark and
    2. it fogged up anyway.

    So, here I was, in an unfamiliar part of Melbourne, night time and raining and I couldn't leave the visor down.

    The Fog City was tested on a cold ride over Mt Hotham. Raining, cold and foggy all at the same time. The visor was snapped shut and stayed shut all the way over Hotham. All I needed was Rainex on the outside to help the condensed water to bead off. Instead I had to use my by then sodden glove fingers.
  4. I swear by the fogoff and it does not mist up my visor even with all the vents closed, and I have the sport integral helmet which is quite "airtight" due to the neck collar.
    What works for some does not work for others so your opinion only works for you not others.
    Ta call your opinion piece myth and fact is technically and scientifically flawed without empirical scientific evidence.
    Change your topic to "Fog, an opinion piece" as it is the more correct title.

    imho ;)
  5. +1 smee
    My fogoff mask works great!
    Another product I have had good results with is the Progrip no-fog lense.
  6. i have used anti fog for the past couple of months with every night riding and it works fine and cant see anty deterieration of my hjc helmet yet
  7. catcrap. works brilliantly.
  8. any solution for those of us who wear spectacles?
    i am stuggling to find a quality anti-fog glass cleaner for my specs

    ive heard about catcrap but am not sure about putting it on my other 2 eyes
  9. How about some more info on this product?
  10. Have you tried an optometrist? I was at an OPSM about 2 years ago when I got my latest pair of specs and they had anti-fog there. I didn't get it, but I know they had some.

    This is from catcrap.com.au

  11. http://catcrap.com.au/whatis

    i've seen some senior members of this board reccommend it, and from my understanding is that it is a balm of some sorts that is rubbed on the surface
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  13. i swear by catcrap.
    apply when needed basically.
    i jsut rub some on before a big ride, or if im heading to/from work and i know its cold/raining i chuck some on.
    also works well on the outside of the visor, as a cleaner/polish.
    need to remove the big chunky bits first tho :LOL:
  14. That was an interesting thought so I went down to check this out with Paris Miki who did my last prescription and they said there is a coating that is applied to the prescription lenses but it really just clears the fog off the lenses faster, as opposed to preventing any fogging up of the lenses in the first place. Still, a nice feature for my next prescription.
  15. I wonder how long this coating lasts for and how much extra is it to get it applied.

    I'm looking at getting new specs soon, or I may with contacts, depending on cost and how much worse my eyes are. Something like this may be OK, but then if this catcrap (such an unfortunate name, too) does the job then I'd probably stick with that.

    Who sells it around here and for how much? I'm always suss about ordering stuff from overseas.
  16. http://www.bikebiz.com.au/enter.html?lang=en-us&target=p1922.html&lmd=39815.701678

    EDIT: it's $10.25 fir the item but postage is $8, but from what they say if you purchase multiple items that can fit in an Aus post 500 gram bag they will pack together. So you may want to get a few.
  17. It's fine. As far as I can tell it's some sort of silicon and it won't eat away a multicoat.

    I've used it on mine with no problems.
  18. I got my helmet this weekend and went for a short ride, When I put the visor down, I immediately noticed all light sources had a halo on them, i decided to try it anyway, but the halo from the first car I encountered was so bad I had to pull over as I couldn't even see my lane.

    Any reason why I might be getting the halo's? Was it something i might have done or was it the visor (the helmet was a display helmet and the last one in stock..)
  19. Been using this for years after the boys at HART recommended it, never had an issue...
  20. I have 2 fairly new model helmets, with 4 visors (2 clear that came factory, and 2 tinted)

    All 4 of the visors fog up excessively bad in the rain, especially at night.. and anytime I breathe out my mouth. I sometimes have to open the visor <1cm to get some airflow and de-fog it (doesnt help in rain)

    Despite having the words ANTI-FOG plastered all over the plastic that protects the visor when sitting on a shelf.

    When winter comes around I'm going to get me some catcrap, merely because I've heard so many excellent reviews about it for the price.
    But why doesnt the standard antifog treatment actually work?