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Fog lights

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Rabbito, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. Hey all,
    I ride a Suzy GS 500F, I'd like to mount a fog light to her..Mornington can get that way in the early morning.
    Has anyone fitted a foggy to their bike and where did you mount it? I'm thinking that the frame will be a good place under the fairing shining out over the front fender.
    Of course the thread wouldn't be complete without asking about brands and prices too.

  2. If the sun is already out, then foglights probably wont help at all.. Since the glare from the sun will turn everything white anyway.

    2 mornings ago here (Warwick, qld) it was down to about 30m visibility before it was a total whiteout.
    I just went slow and used high beam. The sun's brightness meant high beam didn't actually change anything from my perspective.. but it would help oncoming cars to see me.
    If it gets foggy at night time there and not just early morning then some sort of fog light might be a good idea.

    Also I've found that LED lights can penetrate fog much better than regular headlights.. So if you replaced your parkers with white LEDs then others should be able to spot you through the fog easier.

  3. I should have posted that the time that I 'have' to ride as opposed to when I choose to ride, it is dark.
    I hadn't even considered LED options..I thought the trusty cibie or hella types would come into play.
    I looked here http://www.redmotorbike.com.au/products.html#fork but farrrk over 400 bucks is just way too steep.
  4. Wonder how long a set of fork mounted lights would last, wouldn't things get a bit bumpy that side of the springs...?
  5. They dont look bad though,I saw a set mounted on an XJ900.But 400 + bucks is way too steep.
    I'm looking at trying to mount a single light on the frame. I do a lot of runs up and down Coolart road to get to and from work..around this time of year the fog can get a bit 'how ya goin'..if ya know what I mean.
  6. Hi,
    Six months ago i decided to upgrade the lights on my VFR800. I looked into fog light options but in the end i settled on replacing the standard lights with some HID. The problem with these is that they are super expensive, but some fellows on VFRworld suggested that you could use these kits from a chinese website that were infact very good units and around the 100 dollar mark. So i bought a pair and the required voltage regulators (they run at 17 000 volts or something) and wiring and installed it all under the fairing. They are an amazingly bright white light that easily has a throw on high beam of 400 metres. They've been in the VFR for six months now and have been rained on regularly, and have been exposed to the very hot running temp of the VFR and are still going strong. Can't recommend it enough. Dead easy to install too.
    Here is a link to the chinese site.


  7. Karl fitted a set of small spotties under the mirrors on the Blackbird. They certainly light up the road and he can change the direction of them so they point out further than the headlight. Picked 'em up Supercheap auto under $50. Is good to ride behind him at night.
  8. I really don't think you'll gain much putting a fog light off the frame. The +$400 jobbies you have indicated are mounted appropriately for fog coz they are down low to go under the fog and show up the road better in front of you. Most fog lights are only 55W to avoid too much glare to oncoming traffic too. Having them up high just means that you're gunna just hit the fog with light and little penetration.