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Fog in helmet

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tomcatalex, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Rode home last night in the freezing cold air, couldnt handle anything above 80kph, and to top it off my fcuking helmet kept fogging up. i opened the vents but didnt help, i then had to open up the screen to clear it up but froze my face in the process, closed the screen/visor and few seconds later fog/mist again. had to dide home with the thing open and froze my face and eyebballs off

    any tips, do they make fogless helmets, or good vented ones???
  2. I think there are few products you can buy to wipe on and I remember someone mentioning cat crap.

    If cat crap doesn't entice, I've used a plastic insert that adheres to the inside of visor for over a year and had no fogging up problems whatsoever. It also turns blue/green when the suns out to reduce glare. it costs about $50 and for me outstanding value as I don't need to worry about sunglasses under my helmet either. From memory I think it called Fogcity hyper optiks.

    Hope that helps
  3. Cat crap is good, the visor wipes are good. Both are available from our online store.

    FogCity I've used, with mixed results.
  4. fogoff face mask wells work when you seal it over your nose properly.
    Keeps your neck and face warm too.
  5. dunno if the cat would approve of me digging its crap outta the litter to smear on my visor :cry:
  6. +1 Best Winter investment I ever made!
  7. Fogcity inserts are great had one on my old helmet.

    Have a Shark helmet now and fogging is only an issue when stopped, clears quickly when moving.
  8. thanx guys like the idea of the sticker thing, ive got some fog off for car screens, might put some in my helmet, it smells like metho, so may get high smelling the stuff while riding.
  9. I recently bought a Shark RSR2 and it does not fog up, no matter how hard I try. Not sure if it is the treatment or the fact it has a 3mm thick visor, but gee it makes a nice change.
  10. Recently purchased the plastic visor inserts for 15 each, (Rjays I think) very pleased with the results, absolutely no fogging and the edges that stick the insert to the visor are barely noticeable in my peripheral vision. Only drawback i can see is that they can scratch easily if your not careful. (But for 15 dollars, that's not too big an issue!)
  11. I too have a shark and it has to be the worst helmet for fogging I have ever owned.
  12. Get a Nolan, what fog? By far the best venting systems on helmets that I have used.
    I also find the fog outside of the helmet is much more of a problem.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Which model Shark is it, Vic? I've got a Shark RSI and it only fogs up a little on very cold nights. Clears a couple of seconds after I start moving.
  14. Where can you buy this Fogcity thing? I'm in Sydney and I got a KBC helmet.

  15. I got mine at MCA one in Wentworth St in town and another location in Parramatta. not 100% but try www.mcas.com.au for parra address
  16. cheers