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Fog - good or bad?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Anyone else just revel in the fog each morning.
    Does it make the ride magical, as the scenery unfolds before you as the fog rolls away?
    Do you really enjoy the speed cameras not working in the fog because of the reflectivity of the fog? (or is that a myth)

    I for one found the morning commute fan-bloody-tastic in the Melbourne fog.

    Anyone else enjoy it that much, or are people more wary?

    Bike feels crisper on the throttle, senses are at high levels - feels real good.
  2. Yes, all very true, (not sure about the speed cameras though) but I do like to see where I'm going.....
  3. Yep, cool dense air will generally make most engines feel more crisp, with a bit of extra poke.
  4. I love it. Especially as it starts to burn away and the sun shines through.

    If anyone's ever out this way on a foggy morning, go for a run either through Eltham or Warrandyte towards Kangaroo Ground. If you time it right, as you crest the hill you rise up above the fog and it's usually so thick it looks like you could step off the edge of the road and walk right across it.

    Amazingly beautiful sight.
  5. Old tech carburetted engines love the cool, moist air. I, however, am shit-scared in anything that could seriously be called fog. I might be invisible at the best of times, but at least I can see the bastards coming.
  6. Love the fog, except when im riding through it at 120kph and get hypothermia of the fingers, nose, and knees.
    Really though, do like the fog :p.
  7. Ditto on fog, although I'm more of a mist kinda guy haha.

    Then again I'd want to like it. I ride through it for a job - I'm a postie.

    - boingk
  8. Hi Pete! (Dman here) Enough forums aren't there?

    Agree except for the cold. Still value the heated grips I put on! Man it was so figgy the other day I coldn't see more than 20m in front of me. A little hairy on the Maroondah heading in...
  9. We've had fog here so thick you cant see 20m infront of you, and it can be quite spectacular at times..

    The mist however I'm not so much a fan of.. Like rain it sticks to your visor, reducing visibility
    UNlike rain... it doesnt drip off when you add more or turn your head sideways in the wind, it just gets worse.

    Made the mistake one day of wiping my glove across it.. never have I seen so much blurry bug guts at the same time :roll:
  10. If its really thick and you have been riding a long time and your visor starts fogging up on both sides, then it sucks.
  11. i hate it.
    it means i don't get to see that lump of wood, or bag of cement that just fell of the back of some tradies ute, until i'm right apon it.
    i'd like to see all fog banned in this state.
    fog = morning >
    morning + Warrandyte/Kangaroo Ground = ****ING KANGAROOS

    and i quote Banjo Patterson "Oh how i dread those giant bouncing rats of death...

    and ffs can somebody, anybody just ONCE find one of my posts helpfull... just click on the little ****ing thumb icon, bottom right corner... it's really not THAT hard... just a click of the mouse ffs](*,)
  13. From a safety POV I hate it, make everything slippery and drop visibility a lot. However if I was that safety conscious I wouldn't be riding a bike.
    I like the atmosphere that it creates the little every poke the bike gets, the little bit of damp are on my neck. It seems to wake me up a little in the morning as everything is so fresh
    It's sort of that feeling you get when your favorite song comes on.
  14. nice enough, pleasant and can be scenic... the visibility.. not so much :p
  15. Dude... At that time of day they just hang out and chew grass. Chill! :-s
  16. yeah.. and ocasionally just chill on the middle of the road. unlikely to hit them =P
  17. I used to love riding in the fog when I was living in the Blue Mountains, the thicker the better particularly at night (which was more often then not)
    It feels just like you are flying when you cant see the road under you
  18. I get a lot of it on my run to and from work,30 odd k's each way,all rural areas with cows horses and 'roos with plenty 'o' dips along the way.
    It's interesting watching different components of the bike reach a state of condensate,mirrors then shield then clocks and then clear as you drop into another dip.
    I use a progrip anti fog insert for my visor...brilliant. Ya still get fog build up on the outside of the visor though.
  19. I year or so back I remember we had some really nasty Mists for a few nights running, I was traveling along the Westgate Freeway inbound at about 2AM, and the mist was so thick that you couldn’t see more than about 20 meters, then the air around me starts to light up as a truck approaches, you couldn’t tell which lane it was in, just that it was moving faster than I was…
    That was a real sphincter puckering moment.
  20. I wear glasses so I ain't a fan of the fog at all. I get double screwed by the visor fogging/water on it and then my glasses cop it. I should pack my contact lenses into my back pack and change eyewear accordingly. Had a few hairy moments on the way to work last week and had to pull over several times to clean my faux eyes.