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Fog Experience

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by greenrider, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Was just wondering if anyone has had any experience riding in the fog. Melbourne west is covered this morning and Im still on the fence as to whether I should give it a go, after all its going to be nice later on for the ride home... :grin:

  2. It's amazing, I just arrived at work on the 27th floor of the Rialto Towers and I can just see the lights of the cars on the ground (I can normally see right across the bay). The ride in was a very weird experience...
  3. just be careful!! i wouldn't let a little fog hinder my riding in the slightest.
    just be on your toes :wink: watch for those bloody cagers. i find when im stopped at lights in the dark or in the fog i consistently tap my brake so the cager can (hopefully) see me
  4. Just watch out for wombat holes

  5. Thanx for the tips guys... just about to leave now... decided to give it ago. First time in the fog... the most thing Im concerned about is being rear ended by some day dreaming cager ..
  6. I'm 19 floor up and can barely see the high rise next door (80m away).

    Mind you home was fogged in as was nearly the entire trip in on the Calder & CityLink but the Keilor Valley was crystal clear??
  7. I came in from Werribee and visibility on the freeway is rather good. I was still able to split without any visual concerns. In the darker months I have a yellow reflective safety vest I wear over the top of my Dririder jacket, maybe something to consider for you bag?
  8. Very foggy out the eastside, I too wore my reflective safety vest. I always think it is a good thing for more visibility.
  9. Did it for the first time this morning too...but then...I HAD to, it's my only mode of transport :p

    I didn't really have any issues with it...apart from coming to the decision that I REALLY need some anti-fog stuff for my visor :p
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    Maybe something like this: [media=youtube]lLK3xgHZYd4[/media]
  11. Fog and glasses don't do well, however, cos when you flip your visor up so you can see , your glasses fog over :LOL:.

    I had to ride 65 kms from home to Mittagong on roads I know VERY well the other day, and about 35kms of that was in fog, and I don't mind admitting that I arrived at work with a very dry mouth.
  12. I had a blast this morning, almost got cleaned up by a car waiting to make a right hand turn - it decided that it couldn't see me and pulled out in front of me - glad I got good brakes :shock:
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  14. Just rode in like normal - But gave cages a bigger gap than normal.

    Did find it hard to see traffic lights from a distance though
  16. fog=cold, went for a spin on the eastern last night...was only wearing one pair o jeans :shock: :shock:
    loved it though, no traffic! :twisted:
  17. yeah i noticed that the other week trying to ride in sydney fog, couldnt see a thing.
  18. I couldn't see a thing this morning. What made it worse was having my visor fog up and not being able to clear it and then finding myself sliding through a pile of dirt that some nice truck decided to leave on the road for about 100m... :shock:

    Other than that it was a bit hairy trying to keep away from the usual cagers that seem to think that tailgating is fun.
  19. well i watch a strange site caulder park thunder dome dissappeared vanished gone crusing up caulder boreway when i got to where thunder dome should have been was not there hmmmm better stop at the servo and wait.da fog eventially lifted then off again and coming via the east 20metres visibility thru ringwood to the city very erriee!!!!
  20. :? I need babelfish for that one. :LOL: