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Fog City visor liners

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mjt57, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. I'm trying to source a clear Fog City visor liner for my lid. So far, none of the dealers that I've spoken to carry them in stock. They have other brands, but the two "other" brands that I've used to date, do not perform nearly as well as the Fog City ones that I used to have.

    So, if any of you guys or guyettes have purchased a FC liner recently, can you please advise where and how much? I'll give them a call and see if I can get one for myself.

  2. try brian at bikemart on morrondah hwy ringwood
    you will have to look up the number , and he gives discounts to netriders too
  3. They sell them at Bikebarn in the city. (I wouldn't bother with their website except for address and phone # - terrible site.)
  4. I bought one at the Netrider Bikemart night a few months back.
  5. Got my last one at Bikebarn

  6. Order from www.mcas.com.au My HyperOpticks Fog City (goes blue in sunlight) was ~$70.
  7. Thanks, Flash and others.

    Might try the Ringwood store as I'll be sort of near there tommorrow. Don't really want any photochromatic visors, particularly if I'm wearing it during winter months where it's often overcast.

    I had another brand liner on my visor (clear) which was photochromatic. It went dark OK, but stayed dark. I got stuck riding around the eastern suburbs looking for my sister's place one night after dark. The visor forced me to ride with it up, as it was too dark for me to read street names, not that they're prominently displayed to begin with. And that made my eyes water something shocking in the cold night air. That it also was fogging up didn't help matters any, when trying to ride with it down...

    So, yeah, my preference for the Fog City brand, which stayed clear during a run up to and over Mt Hotham when it was raining and in the cloud/fog.
  8. :LOL: how did i know once i was on the site that the links to areas such as accessories were going to be broken, and sure enough they were :roll: i must of been using the internet for too long :? :p