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Fog and fogging up

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by elefunksoup, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Early start this morning. Had to pull over once to wipe condensation off mirrors, sunnies and visor. A bit later we enter a patch of actual fog. Had to pull over again to take off specs and continue with visor up. Pulled back on to the hwy behind a quarry truck and had dirt in my eyes till the fog cleared! Who'd be stuck in a cage, eh!

    How to stop fogging up? How to handle fog? All advice welcome.

  2. hard to find item, but for jap bikes you can buy fog horns.
    quite a bulky item, but mounts on the tank.

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  3. To stop your visor fogging up you have a number of options that might work. Dishwashing liquid or shampoo works a treat on most visors (not all) and it works on glasses to (although not all).

    There's a product called cat crap that does pretty much the same thing.

    Failing that you could put a fog city (or similar) insert in, although in my experience your glasses will still fog up if you don't 'treat' them with something.
  4. When we are talking about "Fog" are we talking about visor misting (fogging) or actual atmospheric fog?

    If the former, try b12mick's fixes - they tend to work, else just open your visor a crack and the fog/mist clears almost instantly.......in rain or humid conditions I always have my visor opened about a thumb width.

    If the later, actual atmospheric fog, slow down - can't really see any other way to mitigate low visibility.
  5. Thanks b12micks and bitsar, fist we had "fogging up" and then we got real fog as well!
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  6. I have a very old bottle of the stuff they actually use on the inside of fighter canopy's to stop em fogging up. The bottle I have is at least 20 years old and still not empty. Works. BUT I am pretty sure its really dishwashing liquid :)
  7. I used to have a Shark helmet which was really bad for fogging. I tried just about every product on the market and discovered the best solution was to ride with the visor open a few notches. Not much fun in winter tho. Then I bought an Arai RXQ and no fogging at all, no products ever used on the visor, its perfect.
  8. The only thing that stopped my wife's Shark helmet fogging up was fitting a fog-off insert.

    I am actually yet to find a visor that doesn't fog up in cold conditions without the application of some sort of anti-fogging solution or 'device'.

  9. The Anti fog solutions are ok for mild conditions, and in tinted visors etc ..

    but for REALLY cold weather I agree with Mick, you need an insert of some sort.

    I use this, it changes to tinted in the sun ,

  10. Actually, I found that shampoo or dishwashing liquid works in surprisingly low temps (below zero). Even though I have a fog-off insert I still have to use something on my glasses.