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focus point when cornering.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by TRA, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Attached is a picture of corner that I commute every single day. I use this as a reference because its one spot I really attampt to hone my cornering skills. The area is the inner city bypass in brisbane, and it is an 80kph zone.

    Now when I first started commuting on the scooter, I was shitting and could not corner at the speed limit. Now on the GS500, its no problem at all doing the speed limit. However, there is a few things that I am just not getting.

    Problem 1. Where am I looking. The picture gives a rough indication of where I am looking. I tend to be looking at the barrier at the vanishing point. Right or wrong? Please feel free to post an image of where I should be looking.

    Problem 2. I seem to be forever getting distracted and find myself looking down at the road at a bump, or looking at a car. No so much of a problem, but I know I can corner better if I dont do that. So how do you learn to trust peripheral vision and not get distracted by the road and other surroundings?

    I often wonder if I will ever get it, but I know it will all gell eventually. I have learned so much since making the switch from scooters to the motorbike.

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  2. I struggle with roads with barriers like that - normally (where I can) it's just stare at the exit and don't take your eyes off. Theres one corner I commute on that recently got resurfaced so now when I approach it I let the car in front slip away then fling it round the corner. Problem is that once I start leaning about half my vision is blocked by the barrier and I realise I'm just following the car in front.

    I always took 'look where you want to go' as the exit. In most corners you can see the exit and that's where you're looking. Theres not much further up the road that you could really look (in that pic). And as for trusting peripherals, you're probably committing to your line too early because before the corner you weren't looking through it to see where you were going.
  3. try using more than 2 reference points. I reckon somewhere between the 3rd and 4th white line I'd be heading for the apex. so I'd be looking where you are to see what the corner is doing, some attention to where my apex will be and some at the turning point. could possibly go at the 2nd line. the first twist of the wrist has a bit about reference points.
  4. If you want a hand with roadcraft and just thinking through your techniques I'm happy to help. I've been riding a while and I think I've been around instructors and good riders long enough to be helpful. bumblebeeman1150(at)hotmail.com if you want to catch up for a chat and a ride.

  5. Definatly, that would be great. I am really stripped for time at the moment, weddings, sport and all that crap, but I should have some free time over Christmas. Will send you an email shortly

    I watched a guy (stupidly) fly around the turnoff from SE Freeway onto hale street today and could not help but to admire his cornering style. Thats what got me thinking.

    I plan to do the advance courses with morgan and wacker, but I just dont feel quite confident enough at this point, so any tips would be greatly received.
  6. I would only fly around that corner in the left hand lane because it is a blind corner and you won't have time to stop if your hugging the concrete barrier on the inside.. It is much sharper than the corner in your picture.
  7. picture below

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  8. Lol lol, maybe it was you I saw today!!!
  9. Cool. I'm sure I can help, and the idea of an advanced course makes plenty of sense. Get in touch when you have some time.
  10. TRA, you're looking in the right place.

    Personally, I'd be wary of trying to do performance cornering on a public freeway with barriers and road works in the way... especially since it's a blind corner, but each to their own.
  11. Drop your red circle to just behind the car and onto the dotted line in the middle of the road,
    For one, it will move you into the centre of your lane getting you away from the Barrier beside you,
    and keep watching that spot on the white line as it moves around the corner as you progress,
    It will keep you in the centre of your lane all the way around the bend,
    I dont know how it works, it just does,
    Look at the barrier and you will hit it, Same as a pot hole in front of you, look at the hole and you will ride through it, look ahead way past the pot hole and you will ride around it.
  12. I would not say performance cornering, just a place to excercise skills since I ride it every day. I figure its a good place to guage how I am doing since its a regular commute. There is a few other spots along the opposite way in the morning, such as the one attached, which is riding on hale steet, under musgrave road on the ICB. Once again red circle is where I am looking

    Edit, BTW in this image, I am always in the right lane as the left lane is normally blocked up. Typically I ride it slow because of there often cars that pull out to escape the jam. But when ridden outside of peak hour its always clear. Still a good spot to hone those visual skills.

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  13. That makes sense. Funny, I am looking at the photo in a window on the right, and reading your comment on the left. As I look at the pic, I am currently leaning onto the corner, left shoulder down and foward! How odd.
  14. Looks to me like you are focusing more or less on the right spot. But don't glare at it at the expense of taking in everything else. This commuter traffic areas, not the open road where you afford to Ero in on the vanishing point alone. In traffic you need your eyes to be scanning eveerything in front of you , as well as the vanishing point. (which is quite often goin to be hidden by other vehicles.)

    The vanishing point becomes clearer and more prominent on the open road.

  15. arh the ICB, i have fun with the S bend at the end every morning , most arvo's the new Ipswich to Western fwy gets me

    iam either to hot or to cold or wrong gear or wrong line, i mean i get around ok but shit i look like a fool who needs training wheels.

    id be in a brisbane noob ride for a few pointers if people wanna go that way.
  16. Looks like a fun corner to learn on. One thing that springs to mind is that you are looking in the right spot but remember the old "look where you want to go " rule they drum into you?

    What I see riders do is apex too early by accident when trying to look through corner due to their automatic go where I look reflex. You have to train yourself out of going where you look to a point. It's just one of those things you have to practice.

    You have to actively think about how your steering the bike as opposed to subcontiously turning it.

    On your other point I find that I do look at the surface heaps I reckon that plays a big part in why I'm still in one price but same as before I've trained myself to be able to look around everywhere while turning and it doesn't really take me off line.