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Focal length & MotoGP…

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by BlueVTR, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Is anyone aware of limitations in regard to the lens you can take with you at Phillip Island?
    I’ve had my camera bag searched in the past, but with a 70-300mm I wasn’t too concerned.
    I just bought a Sigma 120-400mm lens (excellent lens BTW), and wonder if I’ll have problems taking this to the next MotoGP…


  2. 300mm limit although I have seen larger lenses in there, maybe shove it in you jacket or something.
  3. Dumb ass I am… I didn’t realise there was a “Photographer’s corner”…
    Thousand apologies… :?
    Thanks for the reply (and moving the post too).
  4. 300mm limit? Never knew that. I've never had a problem taking my Bigma 50-500 in.
  5. I sent an email to someone and asked for a letter with my gear to allow me in saying it was just for hobby use.

    I ended up never using it becuase all the people at the gates were looking for were drinks, the canon 300 2.8 is not that small either. I used a teleconverter as well but no one asked any questions inside when I was at the fence. :)
  6. Thanks for your input guys. A bit reassuring!
  7. I'm curious about whether they count the crop factor of the sensor in that limit. I could see arguments for and against counting the crop factor. :)
  8. Nope crop factor or teleconverters are not counted :)
  9. You could easily just change a 4 to a 3 if you were desperate :D
  10. It did cross my mind, would you believe it…! :rofl:...
    I am so paranoid about those things!