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FNQ: Gillies Hwy - pure magic

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Guest, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Oh man - have I fallen in lurrrrrve with this stretch of grey!!! :D

    It is a blast both ways, up and down the range. As long as the cagers are nice and use the turn-out lanes to let you past, as there are only a few spots where you can get past otherwise. Usually however, they are pretty good about it.

    All is sweet both ways - below the lookout. From Gordonvale heading up, the first stretch is a good warmup with more open bends, before tightening up as it starts to climb the actual range. Then km's of glorious magical twisties, one after the other after the other!

    However beware - once past the loookout the road surface soon changes to horrible yellow tarmac with very slick black patches on the bends, along with outgoing ripples and bumps. This is worse on the lane heading up - towards Atherton. The downhill lane is nowhere near as bad. Heading up, the road then changes back again at the end of the range for some faster sweepers into Atherton.

    Go one way, then turn around......

    :D :D :D :D

    Edit: I forgot a warning - when heading down from Atherton, when the road changes from grey to yellow - SLOW DOWN!!! Hard on the end of fast, open sweepers the first bend on the yellow is tight left, and there is no warning whatsoever of the change. My first effort was a definite 'oh sh****t', as the sweepers really draw you in as they wind over rolling hills....
  2. Yep, this is what I said!
    It doesn't suffer fools, this road, but for those who give it due respect, it's one helluva ride :D
    And although it's the best around, it's also nice to know there are other really good bits of tar not too far away.
    For a southerner, there's also the added bonus of (usually) nice warm weather :)
  3. Yes that is one magic streach of road I rode it on a weekday evening with a mate from Sydney and I don't remember seeing to many cars while we were there.

    I use to know the stats of it all the locals kept telling me how many corners in how many miles and the straight bites or lack of them.

    dombnoll, I hope you weren't riding that japanese Harley looking thing that would have all but distoyed the pleasure of the ride.
  4. Thats a load of crap - you can enjoy these roads just the same on a cruiser.
  5. Oh it was fun, I knew I was in for ride to remember when I dug the fotpeg in on the first left corner then the first right corner :shock:
    I did miss my ZZR600 :twisted:
  6. That's ok Voyager, it is just my personal opion you can feel free to TRY and enjoy such a great road on you wheelbarrow full of wet cement.

    It's just that I would prefer to ride a bike that goes, stops and gets around corners.

    If you look at dombnoll last post you will see that he seems to agree:)
  7. I can, and I do. The enjoyment of riding a great road doesn't come solely from the ability to do it fast - just the chance to do it at all. If thats the only way you can enjoy such a road, then I have much sympathy for your inability to enjoy the other 99% of motorcycling.
  8. I have never ridden a cruiser so I don't have any opinions yet. Ridden on a "regular" bike for 10 yrs. though, and when I got a sportsbike wow ... there's alot that I missed ! How does one enjoy the twisties without leaning ? And what speed does a cruiser do before scraping the sides (seems very low?).
  9. Ummm...where exactly is the Gillies Highway? Is it in Victoria?
  10. Not quite. Far north queensland, runs from just south of Cairns inland and up to the Atherton tableland. Worth the trip, though :)
  11. Depends highly on the actual cruiser. Mine will touch down a tad earlier than many others, but you can still tip them over more than enough for most corners - plus they still have a few more degrees of lean AFTER the touchdown before it becomes a problem.

    Certainly they're MUCH less agile than a sportsbike, but still a barrel of fun. I don't know the exact numbers, but you can fair whip them around if you're so inclined. They can struggle a little with long sequences of REALLY tight stuff (you need to slow up more, and they can get a bit heavy muscling them around), but it won't stop them. I know plenty of people who flog cruisers through some pretty tight roads - rider skill I guess. I'm not that good myself.

    Its horses for courses I guess. You come out of a corner on a cruiser, twist the throttle and it will leap away thanks to the massive low rpm torque they have. I won't win any races on it, but its a blast just to be out on the back of it.
  12. Ahhhhh Gillies Hwy what an absolute cracker.

    Look out for randomly placed trucks doing 20kph though :LOL:

    There are so many great roads in FNQ, especially around Cairns. You guys are lucky up there.
  13. The ignorance of some sports bike riders never ceases to amaze me,
    doing some things too quick is not necessarily better.

    Like a bunch of pre ejaculators touting they are god’s gift to women.
    Some of you have no friggin clue.
  14. Why do these threads so quickly develop into a slanging match about other people's bikes??? Jeez, guys, it's not 'you show me your's I'll show you mine' behind the shelter-shed in year three, you know!!! What about a bit of maturity???

    Have a look at how many cruisers are out there; LOTS of people LIKE a more relaxed ride, while having the fresh air and the comradeship of the road; what's wrong with that? Voyager sold his bike recently, and bought a crusier. He could have bought anything, from a postie to an R1; he chose a cruiser, has he committed a crime? Will he enjoy himself less??

    A bit of good-natured ribbing is fine, but this 'mine's better than your's and you couldn't possibly enjoy a road like that in a cruiser', is just infantile.

    And THAT road LOOKS so much like parts of Reefton, doesn't it?? (One day, I shall combine my two interests of riding and fishing and ride these northern roads and catch a barra or two......)
  15. FACT: All bikes can do twisty roads. Sports bikes just make it easier to do it quickly :)
    FACT: All bikes can help to pick up chicks (or guys, whatever). Cruisers just make it easier to do it quickly :p
    You've made your choice, be happy with what you got!
  16. Doesn't matter what your riding as long as you have a bike to ride . I could throw my leg over steve's and it will still bring a smile to my face.
  17. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Well said!

    Though I guess it depends on the girl/guy/whatever as to the accuracy of the latter statement :p (Hehe sorry Steve!)

    And has anyone out there picked up a whatever??? :shock:

  18. Yup. What titus said. That is in fact what the "FNQ" in the header stands for.... :? :p
  19. More to the point.... would you WANT to pick up a whatever? :LOL: