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FNP's, Police and New Bikes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by shabby, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. Well after travelling to Adelaide last friday for the police games :), i had the distinct pleasure of driving through South Aust new 6 week Road Enforcement between the Vic/SA border and Adelaide.
    Brief rundown of equipment now being used daily between Bordertown and Tailem Bend....7 Police Bikes including 2 brand new Blue BMW R1150, 8 Police cars fitted with roof mounted radar :) 5 stationary camera cars.

    so essentially if anyone wishes to cross the border be afraid, be very afraid.

    The one point i did like though is the how the South Australian Police bikes are now all being fitted with Front Number Plates!
    At the games the FNP were intro'd officially, with Vic the next state to implement then NSW.
    The order is specific as Victoria as it seems has stated that all police bikes involved with the upcoming games must be fitted with FNP's.

    I must say though the FNP's on the cop bikes do look rather snazzy and easily seen :)
  2. Well let's all get one! No, I want TWO front number plates! :twisted: :wink:

    What an utter waste of money, thanks to our Nanny-State Labor governments, this whole thing is. Would anyone be suprised when we have to pay for one on top of our already inflated rego?
  3. [Sarcasm]Bugger it. Let's all just give up and buy cars instead. They've already got FNP's...[/Sarcasm]
  4. I'll just have to get all my mad-crazy-speeding and Melbourne Citylink use done now, won't I?
  5. How will a front number plate affect the toll ways?
  6. Citylink toll cameras are all forward-facing in Melbourne. So they can't charge bikes.

    In Sydney, however, some of them are rearward facing, so they can charge bikes, and do.

    If we get FNPs, Citylink cameras can charge us.
  7. Can I have my FNP with a blue background and fluoro yellow writing; for particular reason. Just want a colourful one.

    Can't wait to get these FNP's. How much safer will I feel on my bike.
  8. the point is the FNP's have been tested and now have been fitted to South Aussie Gov Bikes mainly police but soon council.
    During the upcoming Games Victoria will be using SA and NSW police bikes as we dont seem to have any :?
    We all know the idea Gov first then Us but hey the lobby groups still say there against the idea of FNP's just a shame there all talk!
  9. Good to see a lot of human policing happening there, at least you get a chance of intelligent discretion happening.

    Even Tas is getting the FNP's, and we don't even have tollways :shock:
    It's a federal thing, so like it or not, we gets them as well.

    Ah well, it could be worse (or is that it will get worse??)
    Could be compulsory electronic speed limiters, tracking devices and compulsory fairings fitted with collision activated, forward facing airbags as a "safety feature" so we don't scratch the paint of taxi's and 4wd's

  10. air bags have been around now for roughly 20years, also being discussed by the Gov for the last 15years :)
    Speed limiters and tracking devices have just finished testing in England (passed all tests to). Aust has been fully involved with these test so guess where next :)
  11. So long as we get the European "speed limiter" it won't be a problem - what is it set to, about 285km, IIRC.
  12. I would sooner wear a neon vest with my rego number on it, or slap the sticker on my helmet. I saddens me to think I might have to put a big dirty sticker on the front of my beautiful bike.

    I'll put one on the old sr-250 no worries, it would probably jazz it up a bit.