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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by twistngo, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Car

    7 vote(s)
  2. Bike

    12 vote(s)
  3. The same.

    20 vote(s)
  1. I thought we need our own poll. See if there is a differ3ence in the speed at which we drive according to whether there is one or two plates.

  2. I only have a bike, not a car.

    However, when I borrow or rent a car I tend to drive slower… but ONLY because I don't know the accuracy of the speedometer.
  3. I'm much the same, only difference is I can't weave in and out of traffic as easily...due to size and my car being a boat on bitumen.
  4. I think your logic might be a bit off the mark. If I go faster on the bike, it isn't b/c I don't have a front number plate.

    And your poll doesn't ask that question anyway.
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  5. Agree.
  6. Ok maybe I should rephrase it.
    If a mod can lock/delete this one I'll start again.
  7. This is a stupid poll, what do you want the outcome do be. At the worst you will give the TAC ammunition. At best .....well I don't really see an upside.

    About as dumb as filling out any survey.
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  8. There is an obvious upside, if the results show that risk of infringement makes no difference to behaviour.
  9. I'll leave it and see what happens. I haven't asked if people are speeding, just if they go faster. I drive/ride to the speed limit so for me they are the same. Next poll might be about speeding. I can't say really say the result I want. But to counter the TAC, MUARC on line bullshit I'd like to know if we can run our own polls. It would be nice to be able to say 97% of respondents on one of the nations largest motorcycling forums said....
  10. Fair point but I do think you need to think about your polls because otherwise it could be used in another way.

    Maybe give an introductory.
  11. Ask that then, why limit it to cameras?
  12. Even though I voted 'same'. It really depends on the circumstances, conditions etc.

    For example, in really wet, windy conditions I can safely say I drive a car faster than I ride a bike. But on the Elliotts Way in good weather, I ride the bike faster than I drive car.
  13. My bike has seen in excess of 250kph more than a few times......but only on a race track.

    Your question is flawed....
  14. I drive slower in the car, but only because speeding in a car is boring, nothing to do with number plates.

    I slow for the cameras either way though, so it's kind of a moot point.
  15. The other thing is in NSW the mobile cameras (and I think some of the static cameras) take a photo (and in some cases video) of the back of the vehicle as well as the front. So having one number plate doesn't matter.
  16. The problem is survey results can be used to justify anything the TAC wants no matter how it is answered. E.G.

    A survey on Netrider showed that motorcyclists speed more on bikes than in cars. Motorcyclist need to be targeted.

    A survey on netrider shows that riders drive slower than they ride. Yet they are still over represented in crash statistics. We need to put a slower limit on motorcycle riders than other road users.

    A survey on netriders shows that riders drive and ride at the same speed. We know riders love to speed so this means that they are hooning in cars too. We need to be extra vigilant to catch speeding riders because if they are driving the same speed they ride than they put everyone else at risk and we need to catch the bad ones and take their licenses off them.
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  17. You need to get a better car. :p

    For me it depends where I am. I ride faster than I drive through the city simply because it's easier to find a gap to do so. Out in the country I definitely drive faster than I ride, simply because my car is faster than a bike through corners.
  18. My 1998, 1.8L Rav4 is perfectly fine, thank you very much. [-(
  19. I have more confidence in the accuracy of my car's speedo, so I drive faster in the car than I ride on the bike.