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Flying VW - Lands in Church!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Memphis, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Saw this on the news... Funny As!

    "A motorist crashed onto a church roof in eastern Germany overnight, after missing a bend in a road, breaking through a barrier and hurtling up a bank."



  2. lolol deeerrrrrrrrrrr, did they think the car would of hit the roof at 10kph

  3. Yeah funny isn't it!!! :LOL:
  4. I don't think skodas can speed. Must've been a long downhill run to the ramp :)
  5. Well I for one am pleased that a person is prepared to go to such lengths to go to church :LOL:.
  6. With a backwind
  7. That F#ckin shits me, "Speed may have been a factor". Might as well say "The car was being driven, we think that may have been a factor" :roll:

    Cool article though, hope the guys ok.
  8. "Initially we believed the car to have fallen from the sky, but with later observations we have found the car to have been switched on, in forward motion possibly with excessive speed, at this current time we cannot speculate that the person in the car was indeed the driver, or for that fact was pushing the accelerator at time of vehicle flight. We also believe he was under the impression he was late for church."
  9. Fixed! :p


    Was there actually a driver?? Maybe he wasn't even born! :moped:

    Maybe the car got there of it's own accord bcz it was possessed! :twisted: :demon:

    What a dumbar$e report!!! :?