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Flying tanker hose on the Freeway! Faaark.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Morbo28, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. Woah. Interesting ride to work this morning at about 11am-ish on Citylink heading towards the airport.

    I was a few cars behind a petrol tanker. Someone two cars in front of me swerved violently. I anticipated having to do some scary shit. Sure enough there was a huge WHACK as the car in front of me hit one of those long hoses that the tankers use to fill the underground tanks at the petrol stations.

    The hose was snaking along, moving to the right, I swerved left, waited for it to wizz past me and in the mean time reconfirmed that there was noone to the right of me, then as everyone else was swerving left too (and braking and it was a shitfight) I then swerved across the right lane, into the emergency lane, slowed to about 90kph and left everyone to it.

    Behind me there were cars concertina'd along the freeway, and the petrol tanker was stopped across two lanes.

    (I didn't want to e-brake coz the cars behind might not have noticed in time).

    Yeah, I didn't bother having a coffee when I got to work this morning, after I was through that incident the ol' heart was beating nice and fast!
  2. Shaysus.
  3. Wow that's nuts.

    In need of new pants?
  4. Haha yeah, was definitely one of those moments where you just do what you have to do at the time, but once you're down the road a bit, the incredulous expletives just start cascading out of your mouth!

    The funny thing was, afterwards I was riding along thinking how pissed I would have been if I was on the Daytona I pick up this afternoon and binned it so soon after I got it :mad:
  5. Gotta watch out for those flying hoses.... Holy Sh1t that would have been scary to see.
    Sounds like you pulled a nice move to get the hell out of there and way from any drama's.
    Congrats on the new bike too!!!! Looks hot!!!
  6. Not a good day for tankers today. One dropped it's tail shaft near Bell St outbound on the Tulla also around 11 this morning.
  7. Heh. I was gonna ask if you were on the Daytona. Glad to hear you and it are okay. Thats pretty crazy. Glad no one else was hurt too.
  8. Yeah, that would have been it. It was just near Bell St, outbound, at 11am.

    After it happened, the truck was stopped diagonally across two lanes , so I wondered if something bad (terminal) must have happened. Otherwise, why would he have stopped?

    That makes a lot more sense to me.

    In fact, if he literally DROPPED his driveshaft, it could have been the shaft that was wizzing past me, not a hose, unless the hose fell of when the shit hit the fan. Thanks for the info!!
  9. Geeze. What a fifty cent, five cent moment!?! Good work to make it past without getting hurt. Glad you're okay. :)
  10. I've seen a few race cars drop their tail shaft in my time (Speedway, Drags, Circuit Racing) but I've yet to have the privilege to witness a truck do it.

    Mind you a Top fuel Dragster blowing up it's clutch put all of them to shame.....
  11. But BOTH sides of the driveshaft breaking? That's whay I dunno whether it was that or a stray hose. Once one side gave in, surely the other would still be connected?!!?
  12. Oh yeah. If I had a dollar for every time I had to dodge around a flying hose on the way to work.

  13. A tail shaft is held in place by a universal joint at each end which allows it to spin and have the axle move up and down at the same time.

    The axle end is firmly attached to the diff housing but the gearbox end kind of plugs into the gearbox to allow for the in/out movement as the axle bounces on bumps.

    If the rear uni lets go the tail shaft can pop out completely, if the front uni lets go the tail shaft can dig into the ground and the vehicle do a pole vault impersonation.
  14. Aaah, gotta love driveshafts. We had a heap of diff problems with a new coach, under warranty. First (major) workshop changed the diff, and I picked the coach up late at night to run interstate 9said workshop having run very late). Drove out with the shop locking gates as I left. Heading up the road with an awful vibration. Rang up our favourite mechanic who came out straight away. Workshop hadn't fitted the drive shaft properly, and it wouldn't have lasted long... :shock:

    A month or so later the diff needed work again. The manufacturer sent us to another (major) workshop. After previous experience I arranged to take it straight from that shop to our favourite mechanic. And guess what? Yep, the apprentice must have done that one too.

    I am yet to find a major truck workshop in Adelaide with a decent reputation. :?
  15. Yeah I've had to replace the odd driveshaft, but in my experience it's always the front that goes...then it bounces along the road til you stop. Never had the rear break away. But I guess it must happen.
  16. You're lucky it didn't dig in and you didn't pole vault up the street.........