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Flying Pig, Grass stain on my new cargos. First off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ljiljan, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. So im just doing my thing on Jamberoo Rd, come up to a left, corner sign says 35 or 45, i forget which. enter it on the far side of 60. Suddenly, this flying pig swoops at me, right into my path. My only option was to run straight off the corner. onto the grass (long grass about a foot or so deep), the rear comes out. I do my best superman impression followed by a commando roll. land back on my feet ready to have it on with the pig, but it had flown away.

    Only proper damage was to the indicator, which got ripped off, but still in one piece. only had to reconnect the leads and it was sweet. thanks for your help sunite (read: fixing it all himself). otherwise there is a bit of gravel rash on the tail, and a bloody grass stain on my new cargoes that better come out in the wash or il be seriously pissed. :evil:

    Had one other close call on that road about 2 k's earlier. left hand corner signposted 35. As i enter the corner at 60, i realised the signwriter was painting a 1 on the sign when his hand slipped and drew a 3. was pretty much a right angle rather then a curve.

    Now if you'll excuse me, my big toe is cramping something fierce.

  2. I've lived in this country for all of my 59 years, and many of them I've spent in the country. I presently live about 10 kays from where this dire incident occurred, but I have no idea what a flying pig is; please explain?
  3. *cough*I think it's a slightly humorous way of saying he ran wide because he went into the corner faster than his skills could cope with*cough*

  4. Glad we got that sorted .. for a moment there I thought pigs could fly now :shock:
  5. Worried that you would have to do alot of things you never planned on doing?
  6. [​IMG]
    Was this him/her?

    Perhaps you should slow down to avoid the wildlife??? ;)
  7. Some people I know call the occupants of the police helicopter "flying pigs"
  8. I'm reasonably sure a police helicopter didn't turn up right in his path mid-corner...
  9. But what a story it would be!! :grin:
  10. yeh pretty much. was pushing it harder than i should have. if i went for the corner i probably would have made it but i froze up, just stared straight at the spot i ended up in.

    in a word, inexperience.
  11. Ok so the first brown trouser moment wasn't a warning lets hope the second was (even though its green).
    Sounds like you're riding outside your limits for whatever reason.
  12. Yes... but no. Your problem is that you only have 27 posts on NetRider. Everybody knows that posting on NR is the best and fastest way to become an ub3r 1337 rider with fully shick skills.

    Once I reach my 1000th post I think I'll be ready for an R1. :LOL:
  13. Post of the Day :LOL:

    With any luck and a dull week coming, perhaps even Post of the Week :rofl:.
  14. Nice work, Mr VFR750.

    I think we can extend the scheme - you need 250 posts before you're ready for a 250, 600 for a 600, and so on.

    Hell, better start saving for a Rocket 3.
  15. On that basis, Paul should be a real Rossi-beater if he decides to go racing. :LOL:
  16. That little voice you sometimes hear in your head saying: "You're riding like a knob" is the ghost of Charles Darwin. What he's actually saying is "Keep riding like a knob and you'll be next".
  17. Damn, long way to go yet for me!
  18. Umm... I don't like where this is going. Looks like I'd better park the 750 and go find a scooter for a while...

    Brace yourselves for about 550 spam posts over the next two weeks people!!!