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Flying mattress?!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by AndrewF, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. So I'm heading over the westgate bridge today and it's pretty windy, so I'm hanging on tight. In my lane, right in front of me there's a guy in a BMW X5 SUV towing a bunnings trailer with a mattress in it.

    I thought, probably don't want to be behind that in case it blows out. Changed lanes and a matter of seconds after I vacated the lane, massive flipping (literally) mattress flies right by me.

    If I'd not changed lanes, I'd have been taken out for sure.

    Scared me somewhat but am pleased my hazard perception sense did it's job and I'm not a smudge on the road.

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  2. Good hazard perception.

    Don't hold on to the bars with a deathgrip in the wind, grip the tank instead.
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  3. Good on you for taking mattress, sorry, matters into your own hands :;)
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  4. It was a BMW X5, I would steer clear of it even if it wasn't towing something.

    9 times out of 10 it'll be driven by some dickhead in a hurry on his/her phone who thinks they own the road and doesn't have to look or indicate when changing lanes.

    Have only had a 4-5 near misses and 3 of them have been X5 driving maniacs.
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  5. Good call to switch lanes (y) loose things flying around are scary.

    I am very wary of trailers and utes with stuff in them ... I've seen corrugated iron sheets fly off utes at 110kph :eek: ...
    had a roof of a demountable on a truck peel off and slam onto the road behind me ... thought I was a goner :nailbiting:
    and a few days ago saw a double size wheelie bin flip up off a ute on the freeway :eek: lucky I was 3 lanes away :wideyed:
  6. many years ago, we were following a truckload of boxes, and a carton of soap powder went thru the windscreen of our car, we ran off the road and rolled.
    Truck never stopped, maybe even never knew.
    Ins company laughed in our face. but eventually paid up.
  7. Years ago I was driving a car along the Hume with my sailboard on the roof.

    Suddenly went thru a huge gust of wind felt like the car moved sideways.

    Thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk

    That was the sound of the roof racks getting ripped off the roof and in my rear mirror I see the board literally flying along flat about 1m off the ground for about 30-50 m before it slowed enough to contact the road and start flipping end over end.

    Probably greatest relief I've ever had that no one was behind me.
  8. Try to get the rego and get them charged with an unrestrained load.

    So many people just dont give a crap:

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  9. Hazard perception is what it's all about. Good thing you had yours working AndrewF.

    I'll never, given any sort of choice, ride next to a truck on a hot day after being overtaken by one one 40 degree day. I was going 80 in an 80, he was in a hurry. After he overtook me and was 60 metres up the road, there was an almighty bang, with a cloud of dust and big chunks of flying rubber as an outside rear tyre exploded. That was right next to me 30 seconds earlier. I dodged the rubber OK, and thereafter regard all trucks differently.
  10. There was a guy in a grange on the Eastern on the weekend, he tied a mattress to the roof held down with some skinny rope on the four sides. The front was lifting at 80k's, guy was an absolute moron.
  11. My mother in law use to own a second hand shop. I remember a moron ringing to see if we had a double bed mattress on a Friday afternoon. He turned up for it about 10 minutes to closing. Chucked on the roof of his car, then took out a huge ball of bailing twine, which he proceeded to pass through the windows and over the mattress, only around the middle mind you. After more than a dozen passes, he tied the twine off to the pillar, then crawled in through the drivers window, he tied both doors shut. He then proceeded off into peak hour traffic with the intention of driving the 300kms from Darwin to Katherine before dark.

    I may have passed his details on to the local LEO's

    Good perception call on avoiding a potential. Everything on a motorcycle should be done on gut feeling.
  12. x5's must be the most over represented in regards to bad driving.

    i have had countless neer run ins with these pseudo 4wd's

    even had one change lanes right in front of me, slammed down the anchors, ran up the ass of the car in front, and because he cut into my breaking space, i proceeded to run up his ass.

    i got done with neg driving and the x5 owner (attempted to) sue me for 14 grand for a hire car...

    whenever i see an x5, i steer well clear.
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