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Flying fish breaks teen's jaw

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Morbo28, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. oh my cod :shock:
  2. Don't carp on about it, Ktulu.
  3. He's lucky he was only injured. If it hit him any harder, he coulda been gilled!
  4. He was going swimmingly up until that point too.
  5. Gawd, that fish must have been about THIS big!
  6. Having a whale of a time...
  7. I have many trouts about this story. :?
  8. The scale of these jokes are astounding - they've got me hooked. And to think they spawned from simple link to a newspaper story...
  9. *fish wrapper
  10. Well picked...I see you weren't thrown off by my red herring.
  11. Sshh, you're betraying the ADF's supersecret genetically engineered carp-et bombing program
  12. Oh, secret like their ray gun?
  13. This whole thread is flakey.
    All you guys are doing is floundering with really bad puns
  14. You're right - I'm done. I can't hake it any more.
  15. Time to don your "leather jacket" then and ride off.
  16. There's no way this story is true, somethings.... uh, up?
  17. I will. Tartare guys.

    :? :oops:
  18. u guys have way too much time on ur hands :LOL:
  19. don't pike on us now!