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Fly Trekker Dual Sport Helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bondibadger, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. I've been wearing one for about 2 weeks, and its holding up in the rain and tollway. (Ringwood-City Everyday) Clear visor does have a lot of glare though so you want the tinted visor asap. Venting for when it was hot last week was amazing, and it matches my KLX250SF perfectly.

    But its all about fit in my opinion. I went from a AGV K3 and the sizing is about the same. I'm a large in both.

    Try it on and if it feels good it will do its job!


    Edit: I got mine here http://www.motorcyclepartsaccessoriesandclothing.com.au/product4668/fly-racing-trekker-helmet-black/ at 149.95 so $50 in your pocket.
    Posted the next day and got it within 3, plus free shipping. They are WA based so I was pretty impressed.
  2. How's the helmet at speed? Does the visor catch the wind?
  3. look awesome in matt black,
    was thinking of getting one for trail riding (I dislike goggles, always end-up riding without them) but worried about the visor scratching (new lenses on goggles are $15-30. suspect visors cost alot more) the fogging can be fixed.....
  4. At 100km there was slight of drag, but nothing bad unless your neck is made of rubber.