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[FLUX]'s new metal

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], May 27, 2007.

  1. Somewhat distressingly, not of the ridable kind. :?

  2. :shock: When did this happen, date looks like 17th of May?????
  3. PI track day. I hate looking at x-rays with heaps of screws!
  4. NaaaaAAAAaaaasty, mate. :(
  5. Unlucky Stew, will it restrict movement?? Good luck with the recovery
  6. Ouch :shock: ! Is that your lower leg?
  7. Yikes dude. Some serious metal there.

  8. I posted about it in the Racing section, but I'll summarise it all here.

    The above xray is of my right wrist.

    Accident happened on the 15th May at around 11:30am, and was at a track day at Phillip Island. The date on the xray is ~8:30pm on the 16th May, and would've been taken just after the surgery was completed, but before I woke up from general anaesthesia.

    So what happened? Negotiating Turn 2 (Southern Loop) at around 130-140kph, the front end of the bike started to "push" (slide) just as I crested the mid-corner rise. The slide recovered very briefly, but then continued and did so for quite some way, for around 20m or so at a guess. The bike was still turning the corner somewhat, just that the front tyre was sliding. I held a steady throttle as you're meant to do, and tried to gently pick the bike up and push off the track with my knee to help the front to regain traction. In the end I think that I just prolonged the inevitable, and rather than the front washing out totally straight away, it kept sliding and sliding. I thought that it would regrip 'cos it lasted for so long, but in the end it just totally lost traction and the bike fell on its side.

    I hit the track at a slightly awkward angle and started tumbling, pretty much doing a one-footed somersault with the right foot which consequentially introduced hair-line fractures through my right ankle as the ankle hyperflexed. It could've been much worse but my boots have hyper-flexion protection built it and kept the ankle steady enough and the damage to a minimum.

    After the somersault I kind of slammed my right hand into the track thumb first with the wrist following soon after, and that splintered a bone fragment off the radius, and compound fractured the ulna (I could have the two mixed up here?).

    Surgery was needed to do a bone graft to put the bone fragment (about the size of a 5c piece) back in place, and then plate and bolt the compound fracture (as per xray) to stabilise the bone while it heals. My right ankle is just in a cast, and I'm presently hopping about the house.

    Why did it happen? I have a number of thoughts, listed in what I believe to be the decreasing order of their contribution to the accident:

    1) Front tyre was totally shagged. It had seen 3 track days, 3000kms on the road, been through many heat cycles, and simply wasn't up to the task. I've never had the front push before the rear gave warning signs first, but the rear is still fairly new and it was sticking like glue. The front just pushed, and did so at a lesser lean angle than I've had the bike at on other occasions with fresh tyres.

    2) Coming over mid-corner rise through Southern Loop, causing front to go light. There was a direct and immediate relationship from just cresting the slight mid-corner rise to when the front started pushing.

    3) Running into corner a little hot, and so ran it a bit wide. This isn't normally any great issue on a racetrack with plenty of room and no oncoming traffic. You just take a wider (and slower) line through the corner, but in this case I think I ran wide enough of the main racing line that I was on a less grippy section of the track surface.

    4) Recent rain meant track surface was a little more slippery than might otherwise have been the case. Track was dry, but some riders claimed that they were experiencing less grip than usual. I hadn't noticed at all, until the front just let go.

    5) Tyre's not warm enough This occurred on the 4th lap of the session. The tyre should have been warm enough by then though. I've pushed harder on the 4th lap before, so I don't think this was the main cause. The rear was sticking just fine.

    Wrist is healing well. Getting movement back in it lately, and it's not requiring strong pain killers any more for it to be tolerable. I can type with it. Ankle is still a little sore, but healing probably about as well as can be expected. Must've damaged some nerves as the tops of my 2nd-4th toes are a little numb and tingly, a bit like pins'n'needles. I reckon that'll fix itself in time.

  9. Oh, the bike. Slid upside down for about 40m through the gravel trap.
    Sides of bike are largely unscathed. Just all the top/front.
    Estimate around $3000-3500 damage.

  10. poor stew, and poor r1 - she looks pretty fluxed up :(

    glad you made though dood :)
  11. damm stew, glad to hear you got out of it with just a few broken bones.....hopefully they hear quickly.

    So whats happening with the bike, you planning on rebuilding her again?
  12. Stew I'm glad you sound like you are healing well. :)

    Both you and the bike can be rebuilt :woot:
  13. stewy, I'll be fixing the bike back up again. It's structurally sound. Just had its "face" ripped off. There's some gravel rash on the frame near the tank that I'll need to sandpaper and polish out, and I'll put on some frame protectors to stop that sort of thing happening again. The R1's have a huge amount of exposed frame metal, and it always seems to be getting marked even just through regular use, so I'll clean it up and cover it up.

    The tank will need to be replaced, as will the race-glass, instrument sub-frame, bars, windscreen, levers, brake system, indicators and headlights. It looks a real mess now, but it is just cosmetic damage, nothing structural. The bike will live to fight another day.
  14. It gets worse


    I know it's funny if you're not me, so go ahead and laugh. My wife is.

    I'm not laughing at the moment though. The daughter, while intelligent school wise, is sometimes lacking common sense, and decided to have a shower earlier while leaving the shower door open.

    I go up to have my shower, hopping around on my one good foot, and hop onto the mat in front of the shower, which 'cos it's wet is slippery on the tiled floor underneath, and slips out from under me. "good" foot goes flying forward at high speed into the wall and breaking (I shit you not) my big toe. On my way down my head collects the wall brace near the shower pretty hard, and I have a huge swollen graze beside my right eye, and I landed awkwardly on my right shoulder & elbow to protect my broken wrist from getting mashed as I fell, making my shoulder pretty sore.

    Right now I have a broken right ankle, broken big toe on my left foot, a broken right wrist, a fractured rib on my left side, a very sore and battered head, and a very sore right shoulder & elbow. My left arm is about the only appendage that works properly now, and I've been reduced to crawling about the floor on my arse when I'm not in my (wheeled) office chair.

    To put it bluntly, I'm feeling pretty f'in miserable at the moment. :cry:

    On the up-side, my wife is finally showing me some sympathy 'cos this latest accident wasn't my fault. Up until now, she's given me no sympathy at all over the bike accident injuries. :?
  15. Flux, I think it's time you visited a clairvouyent and find out what bad karma you've incurred in a past life/lives and start paying it off. :shock:

    Holy crap man!!
  16. ^^ +1 :shock:

    Start doing some seriously good deeds, mate, before you end up eating through a straw...or worse!

    Also, hope to hell that "bad things come in 3s" shite is just an old wives tale! :wink:

    Good luck with the healing!
  17. Re: It gets worse

    Sounds like a scene out of a Marx Brothers movie!!!

    Heal up as quickly as you can, all parts of you :LOL:.
  18. Cheesuz!, Stew...Now I know why the 16 weeks!...eeek!

    Thanks for the recount on the slide and how it happened...along with the very good thoughts in order of likely reasons.
    (good info to share around)

    I have a question though....and forgetting the reasons you listed for the moment....
    I have often thought that by throttling off a little bit, some weight is transferred onto the front end...Now I realize that this can possibly make things worse since it can help the tyre to brake loose even more...but I am also thinking that the increasing weight could also help the front-end to grip a little more, while the bike washes off a little speed...maybe allowing you to get through the turn?
    I know Southern loop, and the section where there is a bit of a transition that is likely to make things a little lighter...felt it myself at my slower speeds...

    Anyway...just wondering what your own thoughts would be on this - whether or not maintaining throttle or easing off a bit would/could make some kind of a difference. I am in two minds about it, myself...

    (Btw - not talking about slamming the throttle shut...just feathering it as speed washes off through the turn...)
  19. Ouch Stew!

    I hope you are now getting around with a little assistance, like a crutch or two. Waterproof ones that you can get into the shower with. What is the statistic? 40% of all accidents happen in the home, and of those 60% are in the bathroom.

    Of all the injuries I think the broken big toe is the worst (although I haven't tried the others, and don't plan to.) My right big toe still gives me grief occasionally, and I only bent it, maybe cracked it, and tore a little ligament or similar.

    Heal well mate.
  20. Bloody hell!! I think maybe you should hop over to the 'I believe' thread and try for a bit of divine intervention.....it sound like you could really use it. On the other hand I'm a bit jealous, I've been looking for a good excuse to re-spray my bike for a while now... :p