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Flux Capacitor??

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Grrrl, May 9, 2006.

  1. So... yesterday I ordered two new sprockets and a new chain...

    BLOODY ADAM emailed me and said "don't forget to order a Flux Capacitor"...

    I emailed back asking "what the fcuk is a Flux Capacitor?"

    I was about to ring back and order one of these mysterious Flux Capacitors, when I got an email back from Adam, saying not to bother...

    He said "it's the thing that makes the time machine work, in Back To The Future!" :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Nearly embarrassed myself... :furious:

    I have to admit - it WAS funny, I cracked up laughing...



  2. Theres nothing quite like dragging someone off at the lights and leaving a trail of flames behind you as you dissappear into the time/space continumm.
  3. Damn all you movie buff's who knew what the bloody thing was!!!!
  4. :LOL: :LOL:

    My new favourite member.
  5. See! Now THIS is the list we should send buyers to Sumoto with!!!

    - Chain & sprockets
    - Headlight fluid
    - Elbow grease
    - Flux capacitor

    ... anything else i should check when inspecting a CBR250RR?
  6. Yeah, make sure it's a 2005 model! I'm sure they all will be though if you go to Sumoto.

  7. yeah, compliance date is the same as build date isn't it. :LOL:
  8. Left handled screwdriver and or file!

    I was once sent down the road as a young apprentice for a long weight! :oops:
  9. PMSL @ Long weight!!

    how long were you 'weighting' for :LOL:
  10. There was a replica "flux capacitor" just sold on eBay for over AU$700.00 :shock: .. a guy in the U.S. has been making them with "chasing" LED's and stuff ... sure looked the goods ... no guarantee they were fully functional though :LOL: :LOL:

    Ahhhhh yes the old "apprentice" tricks .. lefthanded screwdrivers etc. I upset the boss when I got sent up the road to buy a lefthanded screwdriver ... I used my initiative and whacked a ratchet screwdriver on the company account .. could be used with both hands in both directions :LOL:

    Was also sent to buy some "striped paint" .. wandered back and asked the boss which way he wanted the stripes ... vertical or horizontal as there was a price difference depending on the stripe direction??

    Ah the memories hahaha :LOL:
  11. Striped paint! :LOL:
  12. Should get to the required 88mph pretty quickly I would think.

    Quicker than the DeLorean anyway.
  13. Remember I was 16, the supplier told me to take a seat and he would get back to me. I cottoned on after about 45 minutes, bastards I got them back by aralditing thier tool boxes shut. :twisted:
  14. Ahhh them were the days.

    I got a message to call back Mr. A Lyon once.

    It was on speaker and I didn't hear what the lady said before I picked up the phone :oops:

    ME: Hi, I was after Mr A Lyon
    Her: <giggling madly> hunny, this is the Zoo
    ME: fcukERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they got me :oops:
  15. hahahaha.. gold gold gold!

    i clicked on this thread expecting some funny back to the future reference.. but grrrl.. that is soo much better!

  16. That's a classic!

    I always wanted to get a group of people together and run from the entrance of the zoo screaming "They're loose! run for your lives, they're LOOSE" 8-[

  17. When I was on work experience as a computer tech when I was 16, there was two of us, and our supervisor asked the other guy to go down to Bunnings and get a 12 Inch Reproduction Tool, the silly bugger went, and I laughed, and he came back very embarrased :rofl:
  18. :LOL: thats classic, must be a funny bloke that told you that :LOL:

    just wait till she gets a flat tyre and she asks what to do then, well thats simple, just move the valve round to the flat part of the tyre and add air to the flat part :LOL: :grin: :LOL:
  19. Yeah, it was a funny bloke who is going to pay....

    "I'll get you next time, Gadget... NEXT TIIIIIIIME!!!"

    :eek: is that how you do it?!!!

    pffffftttt!!! you are SOOOOO dead!!!!

    your time will come... i promise... :twisted:

    Remember, now i've ordered a flux capacitor, i will have the advantage!! I might go back to say... 1979 and drop you on your head!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. some people would say thats half of my problem now :eek: :LOL: