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Flushing coolant, 3.6l capacity, only 1.4l went in!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Freethejellyfish, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. Just flushed the coolant system on a Honda CBR929RR.

    Coolant capacity is 3.2l + 0.4 in the overflow container. Cylinder plug, coolant pump (drainage point) and overflow container were emptied and flushed with Mount Franklin (only the best for my girl :grin: ).

    All bolts put back in, radiator cap left off, filled radiator and overflow tank and only 1.4l went back in until it was full (inc 0.4 in the overflow container) Ran the beast with cap off, "bleed" with a thottle blip or two (my poor neighbours!) and the level only dropped minutely (30ml or so)

    As far as I can tell I've done everything to the letter in the service manual. Is it normal that only 1.4l went back in to the system that has a 3.6l capacity? I also let the temp get up to 90deg or so with radiator cap on so as the thermostat valve opened up.

    I just love my baby so much and don't want to hurt her!

  2. when you did this was the drain hole pointing to the ground?
    Only thing I can think of is that if it wasn't then the water / coolant may have stayed in the system.
  3. Service manual says to keep the bike vertical, drain points only really drain... down, or horizontally... i guess. One's located on the coolant pump and the cylinder drain point is located on the engine block.I'm certain that well over 2litres + drained out, so it doesn't make sense that only 1.4litres went back in.
  4. Only other things I can think of is either a air bubble, but from what you have mentioned seems unlikely.

    Or maybe a blockage, maybe a flush is in order.

    There's a few people on the site that will be able to help more may need to waiting until monday.

    Personally, as coolant doesn't cost much, I would do it over again.
  5. Allow for the plausible mistake of over estimating the amount drained, many a time liquids have been incorrectly gestimated by the size of their puddles on the deck.

    If you've heated her up to operating temp with the CAP ON, do this again with the cap off. No resistance pressure may allow a stray air bubble to surface easier, idle (or a few rev's above) should be enough for this as the latent heat will disperse less quickly.

    As has been suggested though, radiator core may be sullied and a flush in order.
  6. Thanks guys, she seems to be running fine, fan kicks in at the normal temp and all that jazz. I'd say Sharkuss was on the mark with the incorrect guestimation theory. Before the heat kicks in for summer I may do another flush to be on the safe side.

  7. Keep an eye on the coolant in the meantime, best after it has warmed up.