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Flush-mount indicators

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Tenoq, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Anyone who's fitted some of these to their bike? Really need to find some for my 2002 ZX-9R, as the front indicators are huge and dopey looking:


    So - anyone know where I can get some flush-mounts designed for my bike?

  2. Hiya,

    I assume you're talking about the front?

    Yep they are a bit large by today's standards.

    Most flush fitting types are actually designed for cars and don't look that great (IMHO), to get flush fitting ones that look good you need the faring to be designed around it (eg the ZX10R).

    I'd go for something stalk-mounted instead, just smaller than stock.
  3. Drivers have enough trouble seeing you as it is with the stock ones that are fitted.

    Last thing you want is to present them with an indicator that is harder to see.

    Having said that, I wouldn't mind some smaller stalk mounted ones for mine, the originals are too big.
  4. Ive recently fitted flushies to my bike and they look awesome. There definately a bit harder for other drivers to see but at least they are a little brighter.

    I got mine from grave motorsports in canada, i think they only make em for r1/r6 but im sure ive seen some kwaka ones somewhere when i was searchin for mine.

    Edit... Not sure exactly of models, but this is an example:

  5. I actually think there is heaps gettin round in the states specifically for bikes that look great.

    These are the ones i bought, the photo isnt great but i can promise you they look great(ill get a pic when i can) and they fit perfectly, even come with the stock connections for the bike.

  6. Try powerbronze(partner discounts) they had ones for the cbr and I noticed they seamed to cater for most models
  7. Tried looking at the clear ones?, they are arrow looking, two different sizes, I got the larger one of the two, very visable.
  8. Well I've sent off an e-mail to Powerbronze, and hopefully they can let me know what they've got. I've thought about mini stalks, but the fairing holes really would suit some flush mounts. As for being less visible, well I would think they might actually be more visible, with all the black backing removed. In respect to roundabouts, people might actually be able to see the indicator from the sides, not just the front. :p

    And how many motorcyclists actually rely on people seeing them? :p
  9. Where from?
  10. err, pretty much all of us?? Or have I missed something? Surely our first line of defence is to be seen???
  11. When you find a decent looking set let me know and i'll get you to order 2 sets. :wink: :grin:
  12. I count on them not seeing me, regardless of how well placed I am on the road, and how bling my motorcycle and gear is. Can't be disappointed if I expect them to fail. :)
  13. Tenoq, any word???

    I see that the short stalk ones are being sold on ebay... but you need to get a mounting plate to fill up the fairing hole... don't know... I like the dopey easy to see aspect of the current stalks...

    I'm interested in the outcome.


  14. The only thing i want to flush mount on my zx9 is my number plate :LOL:
  15. Have the sticky out indicators on the 12. I just fitted clear lenses and that makes such a difference in appearance, but still stick out so the cars can hopefully see me..
  16. I wanna know where to get the clear spear type ones for the storm.

  17. dood, i reckon your best shot is going to be ebay.com
  18. Not yet mate, still hunting and asking around. I don't have a lot of time on my hands at the moment... well not during shop hours. :p