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Fluro Vests Do Save Lives?? Spain Gets Prostitutes To Fluro Up.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grange, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Spanish prostitutes ordered to wear reflective vests for their own safety

    Prostitutes working on the street outside a town northern Spain have been ordered to wear reflective vests to make them visible to passing traffic and reduce the risk of accidents.

    Women touting for customers on a rural highway outside Els Alamus near Lleida in Catalonia have been told to don the yellow fluorescent bibs or pay fines of 40 euros (£36) under road traffic laws.
    Police claim the sex workers on the LL-11 road are not being specifically targeted because of what they do but because they posed a danger to drivers.
    The prostitutes are in breach of 2004 law which states pedestrians on major highways and hard shoulders must wear the high visibility garments.
    A spokesman for the regional police force, the Mossos d'Esquadra said: "In the past couple of months the prostitutes have been fined for two reasons: for not wearing the reflective jacket and for creating danger on the public highway."
    The move follows recent legislation introduced by Els Alamus town hall to ban prostitutes from offering sex for sale in public urban areas. The mayor Josep Maria Bea has been accused of mounting a campaign to drive the sex workers out of the area.

  2. But sir I flashed my high beams.
  3. TAC will love that one.....
  4. so does this mean that when I have to wear a hi-vis vest while riding i'll finally get propositioned by strangers for sex?

    things are looking up!
  5. perhaps it will be an easier way for the gov to screw us
  6. I can see this taking off down St. kilda
  7. Safe sex campaign.
  8. hahaahaaaaaaaaahahahaaaaahaha

    bwahhahhahhahaa...thats some funny shit

    the prostitutes are going to be a tourist attraction now, and earn a shitload more euro's...
  9. Spanish traffic management workers wont like this....lol