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fluro pink vests- (pink ribbon ride) who wants one?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Danielle, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. A couple of us are placing an order tomorrow for these... as posted in the Pink Ribbon Ride thread: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=661973#661973

    i was inspired by the mentors at yesterdays training day at the boulevard.. so why dont we rock up in Stylin' NR fashionz at the Pink Ribbon ride and be SEEN! yeah.

    (hello mod. if i was naughty & posted in the wrong area.. umm... dont yell at me, please!)
    [mod] ok, i wont.


  2. Yep

    Yep, definitely in. I plan on wearing this not just to the Pink Ribbon ride, but commuting as well. Look out cagers - coming through.
    Can't wait - I think they're great (ok - a little tragic, but still great)
  3. WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the mod wrote back to me! Feel the love !

    donna.. i love tragic.. and tacky.. its FANTASIC... any excuse for fluro pink ! haaaaaaaaaaaaa
  4. hate to rain on the parade, im reading the "pre ride address" that came in the kit when i signed up at the bike show says

    - We ask that anyone who normally wears a safety vest that is not an officially appointed marshal by event organisers please remove it during the event. If you do not wish to do this, we ask that you do not participate in the event.

    I mean that's not to stop people from wearing it on the way there (and back) but not during.
  5. Cheers for that Meph.. rather find out now than after i've parted with my ca$H... hrmm.. so reading the T&C's does pay off .. hrmmmm

    well, i still have my pink feather boa!!

    (i didnt get any "kit".. i paid online.. and got nothing but some povo thing i printed out to confirm payment.. am i missing something?)
  6. still keen

    I'm actually still keen to do it Danielle. I'll order direct from them then shall I?
  7. I think that if you pre registered before the bike show it will be sent to you, i think, and if itwas after the expo then you will have to pick it up on the day.

    It contains
    -my badge
    -my pink wrist thing i wear to say ive paid,
    -my entry ticket (which includes my thing to enter the early bird prize draw)
    -then entry confirmation forms that just have instructions,
    -the pre-ride address from the police with the rules,
    -the map of where we are going, a
    -map of the bunnings carpark, and finally
    -a vicroads survey about biking.

    I know a woman at work that has a LOT of pink at her desk, see if she can help me out.
  8. thanks meph.. sounds like the postman will have some mail for me... yay!
  9. We all hear you, but the australian standard safety vest are Yellow and Orange they are not "PINK" so therefore we would not be breaching there rules of the day - unless they state that no one can wear a vest nor tops should have safty reflector tape on them; and would that not be a silly comment?

    Clarification on the day i'm sure will occure, as I plan on getting there for a BBQ breakfast :grin: