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Fluoro Or No Fluoro It Makes No Effing Difference

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by smee, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. #1 smee, Nov 11, 2012
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    Fat load of good fluoro did [URL='http://www.
    Link is fast forwarded to the correct spot.of course the TAC would say it's the rider's fault.
    Thankfully nothing happened but it pays to be vigilant and not rely on your gear, especially those numpties who still think fluoro can save them.

  2. ... and changing ''one small thing'' is not going to help anything here...
  3. About 2'07" in. A great demonstration that hiviz isn't a solution that ensures you'll be seen. Surprised that the rider didn't react...
  4. I dont think he saw the car---see it all the time.
    He prolly had a go-pro running.
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  5. i understand that you guys have an agenda
    and will tailor any argument to suit that agenda.

    i really think you guys need to observe events without first applying your bias.

    if you look closely, in front of the right turning vehicle,
    there is a cab chassis with a trade back that turns left.
    i am pretty sure the left turning vehicle would have obscured
    the right turning drivers view of the approaching motorcycle.

    not only that, but shortly after entering the intersection
    the right turning vehicle came to a complete stop,
    indicating it must have noticed the motorcycle approaching.

    oh, and btw, yes,
    a very experienced rider would have noticed the cab chassis pulling out
    and the potential for another vehicle to be behind it.
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  6. If the right turning vehicle couldn't see past the left turning vehicle, he should NOT have moved into the intersection. And certainly not as confidently as he did.

    He stopped AFTER entering the intersection...WRONG! The motorcyclist, who may NOT have been "very experienced" would not have known how far the car was going to move into the intersection. "If" he can't stop, which way does he swerve?

    I can't see the bias in a classic "right of way violation" SMIDSY.
  7. the bias is in the thread title and the OP.
  8. Carver being carver
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  9. I posted it as I saw it there is no bias apart from carver thinking there is
  10. Carver's post is spot on! Why the hate?
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  11. oh i'm sure the fluro helped a bit,
    but unfortunately he did'nt have abs.
    so just blind luck he did'nt get airborne and hover around in circles, or worse get sucked into the magnetic vortex of the car.
  12. There's no hate and his post is not completely spot on.
    We can't agree to disagree without it turning into a shitfight?
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  13. =Box Ute turns left at 1'55".
    =At about 1'58" the ute and bike are parallel and passing each other.
    =The car starts to move a fraction before this and before the bike is in clear view of the camera - but the bike should have been in clear view of the car since the bike was parallel to the ute and on it's own side of the road, presumably with a headlight on.
    =The car continues to turn right, even though the bike is in full view, and only stops suddenly when it's well into the intersection.
    = The bike does seem to respond, but it's not really a life saving move from the perspective of the camera. Hard to say.

    Key point: the driver should have been able to see the bike at the critical decision time of driving forward.
  14. TL;DR version of the thread so far:
    • fluro jackets don't make bikers visible to drivers who don't look
    • this video does not reflect every situation
    Therefore, there needs to be more research into when fluro + reflective jackets make riders more visible.
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  15. my thoughts exactly osiris, if theyre not looking they wont see anything- cars, bikes, buses and trucks included...

    and if someone cant see a rider without fluro, then maybe they shouldnt be on the road to begin with...
  16. Fluoro doesn't make riders more visible... Actually, the point is that it doesn't make us more likely to be seen. Drivers are looking for big things on the road - cars, tractors, jumbo jets... motorbikes, no matter how bright and shiny we are, just often don't register because there's so few of us about and they're just not thinking about us. IMHO, drivers are thinking about what can hurt them, not what they can hurt.
  17. TL;DR <------------ what does this mean?
  18. Haven't you discovered google yet, smee? :)
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  19. So the research starts with an end conclusion?? Really??

    I can preempt at least one of the outcomes - drivers will see a fluro'd rider when they are looking for them. Now has that confirmed the fluro works in that situation or not?