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Fluoride killing us, bill in progress

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. #1 pro-pilot, Jan 31, 2008
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    Well, :shock: keep giving your kids a glass of water.

    This is real dudes!

    It's in front of Vic parliment! But not in the media.

    Legislation link

    and a video

  2. Sensationalist claptrap
  3. Actually it's all over the media up this way. The 'Fluoride will shrink your balls and make you a communist' wackos are out in force as North East Water attempts to add fluoride to some of the water supplies up here.

    All this bill does is stop fluoride being added to water supplies that don't presently have it without a local poll. You may also notice that it is repealed after a year.

    There's a certain irony here as Albury has had fluoridated water since the late 50's while Wodonga still does not. The only medical difference between the two populations is that people in Wodonga have poorer dental health.

    As for the video, how's TT's track record for accuracy?
  4. I have good teeth due to fluoride. My gf works as a dental assistant. She said that people who do not have fluoride in their water have bad teeth.
  5. +1, Seems to fall into the same boat as the tofu brigade that think _any_ preservitive or additives are going to give you cancer of the colon. Despite a proven track record of some for, say, the last couple of hundred years.... :LOL:
  6. quite often, one whacko in parliament will introduce a bill for something that is completely demented, and the media will jump on it.

    ANYONE can introduce a bill to parliament. Not just the govt, but some independent can introduce something about 'no seatbelts on babies cause I believe they're more dangerous' if they want to. doesn't mean the rest of parliament will vote for it.
  7. This is true. I've heard there is currently a bill being prepared for federal parliament to prevent pro-pilot posting continual sensationalist "the sky is falling" topics in the off topic forum as reading them has been noted by several eminent doctors to cause malignant brain tumours and seizures or uncontrollable fits. :p
  8. Bah ha ha ha ha ha
  9. Here is a set of articles, both for and against the fluoride position


  10. did a quick search, just figured out its actually radioactive waste, a poison and was used on people in nazi germany....plus theres no proof it helps prevent cavities infact the studies are showing it increases them.... Id want it out of the water personally going off the available info
  11. I've not done a proper review of the literature, for or against. However, I do have reservations about the ethics of what is, in effect, involuntary mass medication, however great the benefits.

    But then, I'm just an old libertarian (and not just the type who doesn't want to pay tax) :grin: .

    Position Statement: Fluoridated water does not appear to have done me any harm so far and is probably less likely to do so than many of the various dangerous organic chemicals I have voluntarily handled or ingested in a somewhat cavalier fashion over the years. It may have contributed to the generally better than average state of my teeth. However, as an intelligent adult, I resent decisions being made on my behalf with no reference to me.
  12. I'm personally waiting for the article that warns against immunising your kids because it means the government can control them.... :roll:
  13. lol well ignorance IS bliss
  14. Don't go there. In the UK there was research that appeared to show a link between the MMR jab and autism (measles, mumps and rubella). This was given to kids as a combined jab at junior school to make sure all kids got innoculated against all the common and dangerous ailments in one go. The link was extremely tenuous, but persistent campaigning and media hype elevated it to national importance.
  15. And here, ladies and gentlemen, is that incontrovertible evidence that the Intarweb, coupled with poor skills in judging the quality of information, is a disastrous information source.

    Fluoride is not radioactive, nor is it radioactive waste nor anything close to it. Some of it is produced as a byproduct of aluminium smelting, but the chemical itself is not changed by that 'guilt by association'. It is poisonous in very large doses, but then, so is water. Same deal with the Nazi link - no guilt by association for chemicals. And there is massive evidence that it reduces the incidence of dental caries in treated populations.
  16. There are other chemicals in our reservoirs, dams and creeks that are far more concerning than fluoride.

    Di hydrogen monoxide for one! :shock:

    Read about it here: http://www.dhmo.org/
  17. No, an ester of Sodium monofluorophosphate (SMP) was used as a nerve agent by Nazi Germany - but SMP isn't used in water flouridation anyway. Those flouride compounds that are used are in fact by-products of processing phosphate ores. True there are some phosphate ores that are processed to recover Uranium - but there's no way they'd be sourcing flouride compounds from these deposits (not given the extremely strict environmental controls on Uranium mining). Besides I'm fairly sure there's no Uranium Phosphate mining going on in Australia anyway, though there is in the US.
  18. +1 devo, I have been campaigning about dihydrogen monoxide for years, and the dangerous amounts of it present in our water. did you know that it is involved in 99% of all drownings as a major factor? Just the chemical companies don't want us to know about it.

  19. No need to take it to heart buddy, just stating some observations to be had.
  20. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Pro-pilot - since when has citing Today Tonight and one weird grandma with a strange allergy ever been a solid case for anything? Why do you keep posting this shit here? Can't you get your own box to stand on at a street corner or something?