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Fluid Disposal

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by CharlieBrown, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. After changing a couple of fluids on the bike, radiator, engine, brake etc, I seem to be building up a fair amount of tins containing random "toxic" chemicals.

    Being a bit of a greeny and not wanting to tip them down the sink I'm a bit stumped on what to do with them. Whats the best way to get rid of all these nasties?
  2. Oils - your local tip will take them for about $1 a litre. For ethyl glycol, the official EPA reccomentation is to dispose of in the soil, so find a patch of weeds you want to dispose of, and do it that way. Don't tip oil into the gound, unless it is a very minor water contamination. Oil can be recycled. Use a 20L drum or a handful of 5L bottles.
  3. There's another thread on here where someone has a cat problem....
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    Sorry rs, whats the ethyl glycol in reference to. From my chem it kinda sounds like a lubricating alcohol???
  5. etyl glycol = coolant. From an old mechanic i learnt it from, "at every shop there's a patch of dirt where theres no grass growing"
  6. And no stray cats :grin: :grin:
  7. get an oilburner in the shed or light a bonfire! works wonders in the rain when burning off just mix in a little diesel or petty to get it goin if its pourin :)
  8. Trees that block your property's view are the official resting place of toxic chemicals.
  9. we got a 205L drum here and the guy comes and takes it away
  10. Who's that magic "guy" Troy??

    I've got a few 5l containers with old oil that need disposing... since the advent of 24hour servo's, there hardly a place to dump them infront of these days!

    Sometimes the local council run a "dispose of chemicals" day... haven't seen one in a while.

    rs101, I might have to investigate the tip tip. :)

    If you have any active track day buddies, there are oil disposal drums outside the pit area that could be utilised... call in a favour maybe...
  11. If you're in or near the Whitehorse area here

    Or contact your local council for advice.

    Or check out one of these link
  12. And the "magic man" will laugh if you want him to bring his tanker around to get rid of 10 litres of old oil. The fee would definitely exceed just going down to the local tip/recycling place

    And you can bring your own batteries to dispose as well.

    Just say you're getting rid of twenty litres and you can dump your 50 litres for 70% off. They make enough money from the company that buys those 2000 litre pallets from them (or they would at least break even)

  13. I tip it out along the fenceline. Stops all the weeds.
  14. our local tip takes for free anything recyclable

    all metals