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Flu Vaccine - get it now

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Wolve, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. In the U.K. 39 deaths have been reported of swine flu this season, 12 of which occured last week. 738 are in critical condition.

    Goggle "Swine Flu" and see what's not making the headlines.

    Not looking for sympathy, just getting the word out. My 44 year old brother returned from Manchester in England from a holiday. Had the sinffles when he left there, within twenty four hours of his return he was on full life support in the Royal North Shore Hospital and his family told to be there as the situation is beyond grim.

    Not a smoker, fit and healthy, just married to a beautiful lady and enjoying the prime of his life, and only one year older than me. The damage the H1N1 (Swine Flu) virus has caused may not be survivable. We are praying.

    Yes, Swine Flu is here too, don't think about it, just get vaccinated. It may just save your life or one you love.

    Stay safe people.
  2. Shit mate, my prayers are with you and your brother too.
  3. Definately what Chef Said. All the best.

    Thank you for considering others in this terrible time. I only hope that your words make some mark and achieve the desired result. Just as importantly though, I want your brother to totally recover.

    Stay Safe.
  4. Sorry to hear the sad news of your brother, Wolve. Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery.
  5. Fark. Sorry to hear mate.
  6. All the best for your brother mate.
  7. Best wishes for your Bro mate.

    Latest Victorian Health Dept info on H1N1

    Program ends 2010
    The Panvax® H1N1 Vaccine program will end on 31 December 2010.Vaccine is available to order up until this time. From January 2011 no further stock of Panvax® H1N1 vaccine multi-dose vials will be available to order. Expired stock of Panvax® H1N1 Vaccine should be disposed of into the clinical waste, biohazard waste container.

    You may be lucky and find your GP has a vial they haven't disposed of yet.
  8. I know they are still advertising flu vaccinations at the hospital (I am now considered high risk again). Didn't they change it from just the swine flu vaccine to a combined flu/swine flu one? that may be the reason for the info about the Panvax.

    Wolve, best wishes for your brother and family.
  9. ..Very sorry to read that. Best wishes to your family.

    I had no idea that Swine Flu had that impact.
  10. Mostly it doesn't, but there are the unlucky few for whom it does. It's one flu strain where the really serious cases are not generally confined to the old and infirm.

    Best wishes for your brother Wolve.
  11. Best Wishes to your brother and family
  12. Fark!! Thoughts to you and your family mate! Hope your bro comes through well!
  13. heres praying he pulls through
  14. Thank you for your best wishes.

    My brother passed away today.
  15. ****enell. Sorry to hear mate.
  16. my thoughts for you and yours wolve.
  17. Deepest condolences to you and yours mate.
  18. Ahhhh shit mate, sorry to hear that
  19. Deepest condolences mate.
  20. Condolences to you and your family. Very, very sorry to hear.