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Flu season

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dan.adl, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Now that it is starting what's every bodies favorite cures?
    So far I have tried
    Spicy food
    Black coffee
    Sweating it out
    Green tea with honey, lemon and ginger

    Anything that doesn't involve bed rest as I want quick fixes.

  2. laying around in bed with a laptop for several days, there are no quick cures its a disease that used to kill thousands before modern medicine came along, and still kills many. If black coffee and spicy food could cure the flu then we wouldn't have had the black death and spanish flu pandemics.
  3. Prevents is better than cure. Go to your doctor and get a flu shot.
  4. Funny you should ask that, I've just settled in by the laptop with a large glass of Glen Morangie, single malt whisky.

    I dunno if I have the flu, or just a bad cold, sniffles, sneezes, etc.

    The whisky is, of course, for medicinal purposes only.

    It may or may not cure anything, but after you've had a few, you don't really care. ;)
  5. Flu shots won't protect you from the regular garden variety that is going around - only the more serious types.
    The cure is time.
  6. Last week, went and had the flu shot. They had talked me into it, because last time I had one, 20 yrs ago, I caught the flu from it. They assured me that today's shots don't use the old method of giving you a small dose, to build immunity.

    Had the shot at 9:15 am. At 4:15 pm, out of nowhere, knees ankles elbows and other joints started aching, hot and cold flushes started, dizziness. Hit the sack at 6:00pm a complete wreck and slept it off til next morning. Right as rain that next day.

    Must be like gym work - no pain, no gain WTF!

    If you've already got it though, rum and orange is the go, trust me!
  7. If you had flu, you'd be in hospital. What we're generally describing is just a bad cold. Bed rest, AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE is really the only solution.

    At the first sign, go to bed, and stay there. All the time except for toilet, shower, getting drinks etc. Sleep as much as possible. Don't do work from home.

    I find this really helps to reduce the length of time I suffer.
  8. You aren't allergic to Chicken eggs are you?
    Some can have a reaction to the vaccine but you can't get the flu from it. The virus is dead. Often just heading to the docs will expose you to minor flu viruses. If you really got one of the bad ones be way more than a day.
  9. Alcohol. A drunk germs a happy germ.
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  10. Herpes in particular.
    I'm told Staph is contracted in greater numbers within hospitals than it is outside.
  11. Don't think about it and you wont get it. I'm sick of people at the first sign of a sniffle load up on drugs or worse, people running to the docs for some bullshit flu shot. You don't even know exactly what they are giving you and you still take it?
    If you're that weak, that you're already looking for solutions...It may be a natural selection process :popcorn:
  12. I was sick for 3 days the other week. Then I was fine :)

    Time to do some exercise and eat healthier to get the immunity stronger.
  13. ride the bike more.
  14. Actually I do know and am backed by all the studies that show the efficacy and the evaluate any risk levels.
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    Nah, just one of the precautionary shots they suggest for travelling through Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives, Egypt etc.

    Had to go down the pharmacy and buy the stuff. You have to trust the Chemist knows his stuff and gives the right one.
  16. I'm tipping the desired effect would be, scare the bejesus out of the general masses into having a shot. Drug company sell a cubic shit load of this unknown crap and the people who jab you pocket, what is it, about $50 a jab from the goverment... Yeah it's all to do with health not money...
  17. You'd rather be a carrier and infect someone with an ineffective or undeveloped immune system that could potentially kill them? The flu virus can and does kill.

    A different virus but try telling the MCCaffery's that it is all about money:

    Then another virus that we would have considered "normal" to get, the Measles, which killed 1/3 of the population of Fiji and had the death drums sounding constantly.
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  18. What I am suffering from at the moment is a mild sniffle and tiredness. Also known as man flu as it would be fatal to children and the elderly, I just carry it without complaint.
    I will be sleeping in as late as possible in the morning so if you don't hear from me I have not made it.
  19. Of the 100's of different strains of flu going around the world every season, the drug companies that manufacture the flu shot have an educated guess as to what will be the top 3 stains and that's what you get jabbed with. I reckon a lot of people get confused when they get a bad cold and say they have the flu. The only cure for a common cold is time.
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  20. I got my flu shot for the first time after a few years break. Last time I felt crap for about two weeks afterwards. This time no real after affects.

    Having caugh swine flu a few years ago, yes a flu is different to a cold. Flu involves high temperatures and really aching joints for a number of days. Paracetamol, or nurafen are both options as they relieve the worst effects of the temperature and aches.

    Also, saying there are hindreds of strains of flu circulating is not really accurate. There are usually only two or three strains in the world at a point in time, with more popping up through natural variation over time. Each season, a decision is made about which strains are most likely to be a problem for the next six months. Some have infected most of the world already so we have immunity to them, so they are ignored. Others are emerging, but are not transmissible from human to human and so can be ignored.

    I would recommend anyone who has a compromised immune system due to age or illness get the shots, and if you are in contact with someone like that, you should think about getting the shots too. I would hate to be the person who gave my father the flu and he died from it, just because I didn't want to get a flu shot.
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