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Floyd Parkes Kawasaki

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by kawasaki KX250F, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Well i am new to this forum and i just wanted to shear my experience with my dealer that i use..

    i have a Kawasaki KX250F i bought it at Floyd Parkes Kawasaki in Ferntree Gully.. i went shopping arrowed on the best price and it was them by far. and since then i have been very happy with the service they have done on my bike and the spear parts and accessories have been awesome. Good prices and friendly help by all that work there..

    i use to have a Honda and got the at New world Honda in Berwick and i have to say that the prices where a bit to pricy there so after a couple of services i decided to try peter Stevens and was not happy with there service..

    i have to say best place i have ever been to was Floyd Parkes Kawasaki in Ferntree Gully i have to congratulate the guys there and there top job.. i would highly recommend them to anyone looking for good prices and awesome help ...
  2. So do they pay well??? :LOL:
  3. haha that would be good i need a bit of money right now i am on the poor side right now lol
  4. All i can say is that I have 2006 zx12r $1500 cheaper than parks would sell me a 2005.
    Cheapest dealers Ha Ha
    I dont think you looked around much
  5. oh dear
    you must be the lucky 100th customer

    go talk to the 99 unhappy ones :shock:
  6. These r the guys who've now had my bike over 3wks now :evil:

    Friendly yes, but thats not everything. Friggen rang em few days
    ago & they said could be another few wks B4 they get the parts

    Neva go there again.

    Ages ago I ordered a seat cowl & carbon firbre mirrors.. still waiting
    for those as well :roll:

    If they dont have em by the time my bike is ready im just going to
    purchase the cowl & mirrors online.
  7. And they wouldn't let me test ride without a 2 grand deposit.
  8. geez Kishy u wanna borrow me 1985 chrome mongoose BMX bike? :LOL: i reckon u could have done more k's on that in the past few weeks than u have even done on ur freakin bike :wink:
    I'l drop me Mongoose off sumtime and u can ride it into cleo's one sat night :LOL: i'l even provide a nice lime green stack hat for ya :p
  9. pmsl bro..

    go to the service desk at the back. there is a sign there
    saying test rides will cost $30 :LOL:

    Next time ya there, take the sign off the desk & ask
    "WTF does this sign say fool?"
  10. F*ck that :LOL:

    I'd get fit if I rode :p
  11. BTW, does anyone know who sells "pig spotters"?
  12. They cant even get a set of friggen green kawasaki leathers :LOL: :shock: :mad:
    Yeh, awesome help they are eh :roll:
  13. i think a hot pink stack hat would match well with lime green leathers :LOL: :LOL:
    hmm i spotted a pig today actually! it was just me mate pulling me over to tel me he deleted that speeding fine of the system i got last week :LOL:
  14. Hmmmm.... interesting thread about FP. More cons than pros ... I'll keep watch of this if it continues. I was considering of getting my first bike (a GPX250) from then ... but then again maybe it's better to keep looking.
  15. I got my zzr from folyd parkes and it was a very pleasant experience. Only waited a week for the ventura rack and bag to be ordered and fitted. I had a few shops quoting prices at me but they were the cheapest. Avoid the inhouse finance - its GE finance and their interest is to high. First service was also good there. So my experience with them has been all good.
  16. Every dealership will get more bad comments than good, because good service is what buyers expect. It's when dealers get more than their fair share of bad comments (eg. Sumoto) that a red flag should smack you in the face.

    Do your research. Get to know the bike you want. Find out any specific problems it might likely have and find out the market value by looking at a lot of them.

    Read this https://netrider.net.au/articles/?page=used_bike_guide
    and if you're still unsure, take someone who knows what they're doing to look at the bike for you.

    9 times out of 10, a bad comment about a dealer will be because a noob bought a shit box because he/she had no idea what they were doing. It's the dealers job to sell the bike. The buyer's job is to be well educated. Some dealers (like Sumoto for eg) will deliberately get shit bikes cheap and sell them for high prices. Others will simply be landed with a trade in they have to get rid of. Even if it's the latter, they'll end up with bad publicity but it doesn't mean everything they sell is shit (like for instance, Sumoto).n I've never had anything to do with FP so i can't comment on what I think of them, just that it's you're responibility to know what you're buying. If you wait to find a dealer that's never had a bad word said about them, you'll be bikeless for a long time. :)
  17. Bought my ZZR600 from them new. Gave great discount on new gear with the bike purchase. the bike has been in 3 times for regular service, Stuart in the service dept helped sort out the front suspension ( 10wtg oil) .
    Very Happy with them . :)
  18. Thanks for the tip about their in-house finance. :) ... I remember using GE finance for my home furnitures some 4~5 years ago and yeah their interest rate is quite interesting. I think it was 25~28% back then, I wonder how much they put on top for a motorcycle purchase these days.

    This 1st bike-buying experience is pretty new to me so I have very little clue on what to expect in doing the transaction. I got my L a month ago and still holding on to this little sum of money I got to make sure that I let it go the right way. Juggling between buying used or brand new, direct or from a dealer, insurance, etc. has put me on hold in getting my bike. Add in what to look out when buying used and what to expect when buying new, buyers beware, etc. just makes it too daunting. Not to mention the strange feeling (or shall I call it envy) everytime I see a rider (especially L platers) on the road.

    I have shrunk my choices though between GPX250 and a CB250 in that order. FP got this special for a GPX250, $5990 for a brand new one, surely beats what is on offer in the used-bike market these days.

    I wonder if they also helped you with the bike insurance.
  19. Thanks Seany. :)

    I appreciate your comments, well said and thanks for the input about Sumoto as well. I have them in my list earlier on.

    I'll have a close look at the used bike guide..... but the call of a brand spanking new gpx seems to get stuck in one corner of my mind :).
  20. I got my '03 Honda VT250 from FPK, and couldn't be happier. They were $200-1000 cheaper than any dealer or private seller.

    They cleaned the bike up so nice it look brand spanking new (I added a few scratche a week later, but hey :roll: ). I can't comment on repairs or other after sale items.

    So one vote for FP. :)