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Floyd Parkes just told the ZZR is discontinued

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by doonx, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. I just rang Floyd Parkes to find out the new price of a ZZR600. Andrew told me they don't have any and you can't buy them, or the 1200 anymore. Is this true ?

    He said the ZZR1400 is to be called the ZX14 and not yet available. Other than that they've got the Z750 / Z1000 / ER6. Hmmmmm

  2. very interesting, i had heard a similar rumour a few months ago on another forum.

    they are a pretty old design, early 90's yes? peter stevens was running them out for 10k which to me seems like a bargain as almost any year 2000 (so 6 year old) 600cc sports bike is up around 8k.
  3. well www.kawasaki.com.au lists the following "z" bikes:

    ZZ-R 250
    ZZ-R 600
    ZZ-R 1200

    then it lists the following as "coming soon"
    2006 ZX-14
    Ninja ZX-10R

    so maybe the other models are 05 and the "coming soon" are 06???
  4. Hmm, maybe Kawasaki has decided to scrap the ZZR600, hoping that the fully-faired version of the ER-6 will take its place. Don't think either the 600 or 1200cc versions were selling that well (the ZX-12 is however).
  5. Do they all come with the regular Kawasaki cams made from chocolate pudding?
  6. no doubt their still marketed in other countries ..... that however dont mean we will get them .... take the GPZ900 R for example .... it was made and sold in japan up till 1999 and the model ran through A1 to A19 ...
  7. ZZR 600 didnt sell, true, they should have they are a fantastic bike, I would have another one no worries. The guy who bought mine loves it & his mates on sports bikes cant believe how well it goes, telling him he is not suppose to be keeping up on a tourer.
  8. 250 and 400cc versions are part of the 2006 line-up in Japan, the ZZR600 is listed as part of the 2006 US range. No mention of the ZZR1200 being available in either market however.
    Edit: only ZZR available in the UK is the new ZZR1400 - same as the ZX-14 due out here.
  9. I picked up my ZZR600 in December 2005 from PS in the city, brand new $8990, plus ORC. I ride with an R1, a GSXR750 and a 636 Kwaka, each one of these bikes has a greater top speed than mine, but on a legal road, I will keep up with any of them.. The R1 and the gixxer have better acceleration but not that noticable unless you were on a track. My Z has been up to 225kph, and felt like it had a bit more to give.... of course I wasn't riding it, that would be reckless and illegal wouldn't it?

    The shape, in particlur the tail light area is a little out dated, but don't disregard th Z because it's been around a while....... it's been around because in it's day it was one of the fastest 600 on the market and is still considered one of the most reliable bikes on the road..

    Nope don't work for Kwaka, but I am biased...
  10. with the reputation that Floyd Parkes still gathers i'm suprised there still in business!
    the ZX-14 and the rest of the new range reach here in March going by Cos, pre orders are being taken for the 14 and they have already sold a few.
    The new range outdates the ZZR's finally although a few rumours floating around also finish the 636 in 2007 to.

    nobby if the R1 doesn't have that noticalbe a difference in acceleration then its worn out or the owner can't ride, the difference is noticable between the 600 to R1.
  11. That bike is actually the 02 zx6, just renamed and remanufactured :)
  12. Yeah, maybe not worded correctly, I know the R1 will blow me away, and very easily, but in a legal situation, on the road.. the differences aren't that great.
  13. Friggen guys just rang me up.. My bikes ready!! Woohoo :LOL:
    After nearly a MONTH.. :shock:

    Guess where I'm neva taking my bike back too :p

    Watch out ppls.. *****z back on da road again :grin:
  14. Lordy Lord. Lookout everyone. Does that mean youre comin to Cleos for coffee tomm night???
  15. 2moro night?

    why not :grin:
  16. Ahh fair enough, all Kwakas look the same to me :p
  17. yes, sexy aren't they :grin:
  18. My all time best bike ever bought was a ZZR600E1. Its the only bike I've ever bought brand new. What a summer I had on it. 1993 did the Isle of man TT on it. Toured around europe on it for a few months. The thing was good to tour around on but went like a rocket. It would show 160 mph on the clock flat out. What a summer that was. The only draw back on it was around left handers the thing would lean so far over it would snap of gear levers. Dam things were bloody expencive too.
  19. Go there & be a customer at your own risk.. Dont whinge later
    saying U werent told..

    Just picked up my bike from em today after they had the dam
    thing for nearly a month; was f*cken washing my bike as soon
    as I got home & shit missing which I know was on the bike B4..

    Neva go there again. Will be going back to Petes Pitstop.

    Dont know why I went to this Floyd shit to begin with..
    Maybe bc I thought they were a Kawa dealership that they had
    their shit together :roll:

    When I went there they said theyre still waiting for my seat
    cowl & extended rear set which I ordered ages ago. I told
    em forget it. I'm buying elsewhere & getting em fitted elsewhere
    as well.

    Brice, who I deal with there, is a nice bloke, but the business is
    f*cken rooted... same goes for their mechanics.

    BTW if anyone is after a ZX10R track bike, they have one sitting
    just inside the front doors for sale :grin:
  20. would be a shame if the 600 was scrapped..