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Florida-Huge Police Bust.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by TheBlokeAtNumber27, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Just what were you expecting ?


  2. Seriously some times they can be too big

    and eventually something like that will thanks to gravity look like a set of testicles with elephantitus
  3. Reckon there might some issues with the steering 'rack' on that model, I believe there have been many recalls to rectify the problem with sagging suspension as well. Airbags though dont seem to be an issue??
  4. I'm calling it a fake..

    It don't even look like a real police uniform.
  5. Perhaps she's a policeman's aide...
  6. Well if she really was from Florida, and not Germany, it would look more like a pair of basketballs.
  7. fake for sure..........................explain why on earth you would have a scope on a shotgun? any gamer could point that out lol...........
  8. We are talking the good old US of A where everything is better with a scope :rofl:

    The last one even has a red dot laser sight as well ](*,)

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  9. There's a shotgun in the picture?

  10. What kind of idiot cant hit a target a couple of meters away using a shotgun? Point to the general direction and squeeze the trigger.................
  11. Guys, if you are going to take the piss out of someone else for not having a clue, it is more effective if you have one yourself.
  12. Doesn't look like a shotty to me?

    *after looking a little closely I guess it is a shotty.
  13. solid rounds. the remington is a very nice set up.

    the scope on the green gun, 16 inch barrel. that's just silly.
  14. Sorry to keep this OT and away from the original concept :angel:

    The 1st pic in my post are 12 gauge and the owner refers to them as his
    'Bear Deterent' and protection. The long barrel is for noise and buckshot, the short barrel is solid shot and riffled for short range and accuracy.

    The next two are 870's very big in the US for dear hunting and 'tactical' etc long riffled barrels and solid shot gives an effective targeted range of 160 / 180 mtrs.

    I found this site years ago, would love to have my toys back that I had to hand in back in 96 .

  15. I know very little about guns. I'm more into bazookas.