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Floods when using choke - Help!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Neg, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, i have been having some troubles with my zx-6r. Whenever i try and start the baby she starts fine when the choke is on and the rev's go up to about 2.5k revs then the revs just slowly go down then eventually stools and floods. I have had to empty the carbs and then replace the spark plugs a couple of times. I can start the bike without choke fine but as the days are getting colder it is getting harder to start. I can start with choke and just keep on the accelerator a bit and she warms up fine. Any ideas what i may need to get done? Any help would be greatly appreciated

  2. Replace fuel filter?
  3. Take it off the choke quicker as it is only really to be used to start er up not really to warm er up.

    Check the air filter and fuel filters first before u start to fart around with fuel mixtures.
  4. smee's hit the nail, I think you're leaving it on for too long. get the revs stabilised and then turn the choke off. the engine should drop back to a normal idle and you should be able to ride it off almost immediately. you are literally choking it.....
  5. i leave the choke on for no more than 10 seconds before stalling and flooding and that is only with half choke.......
  6. Okay has this been an ongoing problem or has it occured now that it is getting cold?
    If it is a new problem I suggest you check your filters.
    Otherwise jets/needles/floats in the carbs are gonna need adjustment.
    Do you think maybe you are giving it too many revs with the throttle?
  7. It has been an ongoing problem, i'm not giving it any rev's. If i just start her up she will idle fine for 5 seconds or so with the choke on then slowly decrease down until it stools and floods if i dont save it with the accelerator
  8. That'a what I don't understand.
    Would it not flood more if you gave it more throttle?
    By the sound of it your bike may be running rich and the choke strangles it.
    Clean out your air filter firstly then go from there.
  9. no worries, am bidding on a K&N atm, Thanks for the help, will see what happens
  10. 10 seconds at half choke shouldn't be enough to flood it.

    I suspect 1 of 2 things.

    1. Your idle screw is too rich. Quite possible as this is the common set point for standard bikes.

    b. Your float level is too high. Also quite possible.

    iii. One or more of your float needles are stuck.

    q. You have electrical problems and your spark isn't strong enough.

    Next time you have a plug out, earth it on the side of the case and kick it over. Make sure you have a strong blue spark. this will eliminate the last possiblity.

    I suspect it's a combination of 1 and b.